How do we watch live air traffic (Flightaware)? Is this feature active and working?

Sorry if this is an extremely noob-ish question. This is something I’m really looking forward to :slight_smile:

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It works, but it seems a bit delayed. I watched a SAS plane take off and looked it up of flightradar24 just after, and it took of about 15 minutes earlier.

The thing to remember is, if its 100% live, then it wouldn’t interact with the users aircraft (because the users aircraft is not on flightdar24)

you also have to remember, the data Flightaware gets is delayed itself, anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes for security reasons.

now, take that data, add it to the translation of sending it to the servers for the sim, translating the data and then sending it to the user and importing it as a AI Model, that also takes time.

im hoping the SDK will give users the ability to plug in other sources. and someone will create a worldwide model database. is by far the most accessible ADS-B Source aside from your own raw feed, but that limits it to local range.


Maybe in Flightaware but not on Flightradar24
They are completely realtime. I see it all the time when I try to find out which cargo machine I hear flying over me at night.

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im sorry, but both have FAQ’s that confirm delays.

you are confusing “real time” to translational time. ive seen both apps have delays ranging from anywhere to a few seconds depending on relative signal information upto 30+ seconds.

the FAA Mandates a delay in flight data in the US for Security Purposes. im looking for the FAR Entry and the relevant link that gives that synopsis.

so if you are outside of the US, sure, less delay. but inside the US, i can assure you as a IT Person with Security Clearances, there IS a delay.

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Thank you to all who replied.

I have the sim up and running now. Tried to setup “live airport activity” but got an error message in red letters “server offline”. It’s been that way for hours. Is there something I need to enable or configure for this server?

Could someone check to see if you get the same error message? I’d really appreciate it. In the meantime, I opened a ticket via Zendesk.

Thank you in advance!


Sorry for the false alarm! I didn’t have the option turned on in the settings. Noobish deluxe!

I checked EZY4589 some minutes ago. In FS2020 the flight was near Schönhagen, at Filghtaware near Dresden. So i think there is a delay about 15 minutes…

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Can you confirm where the setting for this is? The description of some of the settings on that menu didn’t make it clear to me exactly which one was the one that enabled real-life traffic?

The setting (that I had set to “off”) is-

Aircraft Traffic Type
Real Time Online

Two things to worry about here - there is a slight delay, and also not that many planes in the air at the moment due to the world ending (At least where I’m from). D:


On flightradar24 there is alot more live traffic, like 60/70% more. There is a delay off 15 minutes in some places.

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I did see a few and they were very much delayed… but so many were missing. DFW was a ghost town… that shouldn’t be the case even with covid. Very disappointing… Was looking forward to simply leaving the game run and watching planes land / takeoff all day (with ATC audio on) like that YouTube channel did with some other sim. :frowning:


I was on flightradar24 today and idly looked at the air traffic over the Napa fires, and of course it was largely Cal Fire air ops. Then I sort of startled myself by realizing in theory I might be able to go watch one of the tanker drops in the sim! I think I will try this later this week, just to see if it works. I wonder if you can set an arbitrary time for display of the flight data, etc. I am pretty sure if that feature even exists there wouldn’t be synced realtime ATC audio, but a man can dream.

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