How do you disable post flight/shutdown screen?

Hello everyone - I see a screen that appears after I fly GA aircraft (I don’t know about airliners yet) but I’ve seen it with the Cessna 172 and the Baron 58, I’ll just call the screen post flight shutdown screen. After I shut down the engines, the screen appears with options that include go back to the menu, and Continue. Sorry, I don’t have a screen shot but I’m sure most of you have seen that screen. I’ve looked around the options but I couldn’t find any that pertain to disabling that screen. I just want to remain in the flight deck of the aircraft until I press the escape key to finish the flight.

Thanks in advance.

Please use the search function before posting. You are asking a very basic question that has been answered many, many times. You cannot get rid of the screen and there have been many complaints to Asobo about it. You can vote here.

Thank you, and I did use the search but it didn’t return anything, maybe because I called it something different in the search box.

Hi @Michael7778145!
What you are referencing to is the logbook. Unfortunately, you can not disable this. There is a community wishlist to have this removed you may wish to contribute to:

Closing topic to redirect to the wishlist.

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