How do you feel in regards to SU6?

For me they did an amazing job at fixing night lighting no more yellowish overlay 1 word that describes this would be amazing.



I did a quick flight in the Extra and was kind of amazed by how much better it is. The improved roll rate, the free castoring tail wheel and improved ground handling overall were very apparent and felt great. The night lighting is also a great improvement, I saw lights from cities 50-60km away at higher altitudes. So far, so good other than the server issues that support is already looking into.


Well my game won’t go back into the Main Menu when trying to go there from a flight. Have to restart the sim after every flight now. But the new night lighting is fantastic at least :slight_smile:

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I just tried to fly the default CJ4 after SU6. My Honeycomb Bravo trim wheel is now virtually unusable, at least this plane. It takes constant spinning of the wheel to have any trim effect, and then the slight trim change throws the plane into a quickly escalating VS change - up to 4,000 fps. Impossible to maintain level flight.

I have not posted on this forum before and can’t find the button or other way to start a new thread/topic. Could someone please help me do that? Sorry to request here, but I have no other way. Thanks.


After SU5, I had problems with my Logitech Multi Panel display when the Garmin NXi was installed. I could make changes to the AP but it wouldn’t show on the display. After SU6 the problem was fixed.

I’m very disappointed that they fixed the broken AA in VR menus but didn’t fix the shimmering bug that affects autogen buildings and trees at mid distance. Still ruins the game for so many people in VR =(

EDIT: and in 2D too apparently


Yeah I had a similar problem recently.At the top of the HOME page,click where it says COMMUNITY.Click on where it says GENERAL DISCUSSION.Then to the right you will see “+ New Topic” highlighted in white.Click on that and you should be right to enter your topic.Cheers.

Grass fix for Nvidia GPU’s was long awaited but appreciated!

IMHO, one of their best updates yet… SO MUCH better than SU5. If they can continue fixing bugs and squashing the ever growing list, the sim is in great shape.


I have found an experience so far much better with the arrival of the SU6! They finally got a lot of things right. If they follow this path (fixing what was broken during the updates) they will bring us greater happiness and less frustration.
Now one thing is certain! All the fantastic performance that the SU5 brought the SU6 has reverted to lower frame rates because there’s no way to maintain quality without sacrificing performance and the inverse is true too.
We need to fly and feel the machines in our hands… the scenery is already wonderful in itself… I think perfumery can take second place… no?

I am very happy!


I can’t detect any difference at all so far.

That qualifies as a result to me.


I still have yet to be offered the update. The game is telling me that the update is required through MS Store, yet the MS Store is saying there’s no update. This is ongoing for a vast number of people and MS and Asobo refuses to recognize.

Excellent update. On my system (i9700, 2070S, 32 GB, SSD, Reverb G2) views and performance in VR are wonderful. Aircraft handling at take-off is so much better, view out of the cockpit so much sharper, clouds in high setting much better (no need for me to choose ultra). No stutters .This is the best I have experienced.


BIG FPS HIT in CPU limit 9900k @ 32 GB 4000 RAM, before 60 FPS now 38 FPS.-


Absolute disaster. It seem each update just makes the sim more unstable.


Best update so far


Only improvement I’ve seen is night lighting. The FPS drop on Xbox X is ridiculous and first thing that happened when I started it up??? Yup a CTD. Why does the Xbox not have the option for LOD. This new LOD has made the sim a stutter fest. Brutal.


Within flights, its been pretty good on my test flights.
However it feels unstable exiting flights into the main menu. I’ve had a few CTDs going into the main menu.

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Big disappointment, I expected more.
I have the impression that the SIM is becoming something else, it seems different to me than in August 2020 and I don’t understand how you can think of doing a celebratory livery for Windows 11 when there are a lot of things that after SU5 no longer work or they work badly.


Can you elaborate?