How do you handle detents in FS?

For everyone who has physical or virtual detents set up, how do you handle them in FS?
I have physical detents on my Virpil CM3 throttle set at 4% for idle/off and 72% for AB.
In DCS , it is easy to sort this, so that planes without finger lifts and afterburners throttle range can just be set to 4-72%. In FS that doesn’t seem to be possible.
What I don’t want is to be permanently going over detents just to get full travel in planes in FS, I just want to tell MS that the 0-100% virtual travel is 4-72% in physical travel.
In another thread, there was a recommendation to use FSUIPC for this, and although that would work, it’s a 30EUR purchase just to recalibrate (or redefine travel limits) on 2 throttles.
Just wondering how others here are handling this.

You should be able to do that with the windows calibration tool as well.

FSUIPC just makes it so much easier.
FSUIPC also has way more assignable commands for the sim than MSFS offers
You will also notice a “night & day” difference in the plane’s handling in the sim with FSUIPC.
There are several posts in here commenting on that, and I did find that to be so as well.
If you are somewhat serious about simming, FSUIPC7 is a very good purchase.
(No, I’m not their sales rep!)

Thanks for that.
I have been a simmer for many years, so you could say I’m serious!
I haven’t really got into FS much until recently.
Solutions like using Windows calibration just don’t work, as it screws up everything in all other programs.
This is just a FS issue and I find it pretty surprising that it is not possible to do this fairly simple task in game, unlike study sims like DCS.
I’m just wondering how other people here with detents work it out.
I’ll look again at FSUIPC, but it seems a bit over the top just for the movement in 2 throttles. Probably wrong though!

If you can afford to put the money in, I suspect you may find it to be one of your better purchases.
I’ve had it in varoius sims almost since it was released, years ago.
It was pretty well mandatory for addons then, as most needed it to connect to the sim.

I decided when getting MSFS that I didn’t need FSUIPC.
However, I was struggling to find the “sweet spot” in settings for my flight controls to work “nice”.
My yoke and rudders felt a bit off in the sim, enough that it was a bother.
I tried this and that in the settings, without much success, and then stumbled on to a post in here on that very topic.
Several people posted there that had purchased it, and after running their flight controls through it, all were ecstatic with the results.
“Night and Day” was what one stated, a few others said it was all in the feeling, that it just “felt” better.
Having had FSUIPC, I knew full well it wouldn’t make quite that much difference.
I thought it might help in my case though, I knew the program well anyway, and I felt it certainly wouldn’t hurt to, so I bought it.

I would now say those were indeed not un-reasonable summations of the difference.
It solved my issues and made a noticeable difference in the handling of the aircraft.

Whether that is due to the much better calibration, I don’t know.
All I can say is it made a noticable difference.

It’s only downside that I can see, is that the interface is not very intuitive, as it hasn’t changed very much over the years, but it is manageable.

Interesting, you say you’ve used in various sims. Not just FS?
If that is the case, then I’d definitely be interested.

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I’ve been using FSUIPC since early 90’s in various flight sims.

It was started by Pete Dawson, now continued by his son, John.
Almost every add on aircraft back then required FSUIPC to run
They are well respected in the business.

Sorry, can I just be completely clear. FSUIPC can be used with other software other than MSFS. Is that correct? If so, how? I thought it was some kind of MSFS plug-in.

Yes, it works with all the various MS flight sims.

I think the MSFS specific version is a MSFS only install. Older MS products need a different install.

Thanks guys.
What I need is some kind of generic program that can define the output range of my throttle, and this be ‘seen’ by any program when it’s running.
Anything out there?

That is correct, FSUIPC is version specific.