How do you open the aircraft doors in MSFS?

Always used to be Shift E. Now?

Right now there’s no way to open the doors on the default MSFS planes. It’s been a very requested feature. If you want, you can go into the self serve area and find a thread on this issue and vote on it (meaning you support adding it to the sim).

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It has a search function so you can help yourself before posting. Just type “doors” in, you’re not the first asking.

The sim supports it, but it’s just not modeled in any of the current stock GA planes. The Carenado C182 does include it, but that’s a paid addon. I personally don’t need to spend that kind of cash just to open a door. I’ll wait until MS decides to add it to their planes (if at all).

There is now a mod for the TBM930 which does activate the opening of doors:

I found this mod worked best when used without any other TBM930 mod.

Opening the doors required pushing the unlock button on the relevant door then clicking the door handle. The doors can only be opened and closed from inside the aircraft. The front boot locker can be opened and closed with the lever on the pilot’s footwell wall. If you start at a parking space or at a gate, the pilot’s door will open automatically prior to startup.

It does seem to work fine with the Working Title G3000 mod, at least I haven’t had problems, and it’s a great addition! The author says he’s using animations and code that was already present, just not being used, so that might mean other planes also have this ability but it’s just not being used at the moment. I hope that author, or some other clever modder, has a look at the other planes for this! It was something I never thought about until I had it, now I want all planes to do it :joy:

Sidenote; this mod makes a bunch of other useful modifications to the TBM’s flight model so it’s a worthwhile install even if you don’t want opening doors :slight_smile:

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After trying the TBM 930 mod, I’m curious if other default aircraft can be modded to open the doors. I’ve been primarily flying the Citation CJ4 Working Title, so hopefully they’ll figure out a way to implement it if it’s possible.