How do you practice approaches and landing?

Thanks everyone. FSiPanel is exactly what I was looking for.

If I’m just practicing hand-flown landings, no matter the aircraft, I’ll take it up in the pattern. Just make the pattern wider and longer for airliners or other fast/heavy aircraft. You get to deal with all the reconfiguration, control forces, wind correction, and division of attention you would with a small GA aircraft versus plunking down in a set-piece scenario. Don’t get me wrong, those are useful and have a place, too, but I like the process of takeoff to landing.

Also, airliners do often fly wide traffic patterns like I described, and some (depending on the OpSpec) even get to do modified, closer-in ones at the conclusion of a circle-to-land instrument approach.

If I’m wanting to practice instrument approaches - same thing, but I’ll add simulated vectors or own nav to get to a final or an IAF. Maybe at another airport several dozen miles away, or maybe at the field from which I just departed.

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