How do you start cold and dark at an airport with no parking spaces?

Hi again, as the title says, at a grass strip for example where the only options are to start on the runway, how can you start with the cockpit cold and dark? I made a “custom” departure but it starts you off at 1600ft! Should I report to zen desk if it isn’t possible?


I’m guessing, unless they add a parking spot, you will only be abe to start with engines running. If its a place you routinely use, it would be probably quicker to learn how to edit an airport and create a custom parking spot and add it to your community folder, then wait for the devs to fix it. I haven’t tried this, but I bet turning on developers mode,you could spawn cold and dark somewhere else and change locations from the toolbar on top.

Hi, thanks for the reply. It would actually be interesting to learn how to edit an airport, I’ll look out for some tutorials!

This might help -

What happens if one flies to that airport and parks and powers off. Could one save that flight and then load that flight parked and dark?

I did think of that, but it seems that when you reload a flight that you have saved, you then cannot change the time or weather!