How do you store yokes/throttles when not in use?

I have a setup which is used both for flight simming and work. I’m trying to find a good solution to storing the controllers when I’m using my desk for work. I currently have the Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo, TCA Sidestick and probably soon the TCA Boeing Yoke. All these take up a lot of space and would appreciate if anyone has any ideas?

Great hardware!!

I would opt for a shelf. Wallmount it and that way you can use that to clamp your peripherals on when not in use.

Cheers Mark

I keep the original boxes (minus the dunnage), put them in that and put them on a high shelf. It’s nearby so I only have to reach up.

I am in the same boat in terms of not having a dedicated simrig and I have the Bravo as well, along with a yoke and a bunch of other things.

I bought a bunch of cheap but durable cloth boxes and when not in use, my peripherals go in there and then up on a shelf where they are out of the way.

I use one of these and it folds up in the cupboard when I’m done


I just don’t understand this thread. I mean I could understand wanting a fold up sofa that you could drag out of storage for guests, and maybe a shed or an attic room to store the family when you are flying, but why on earth would you ever put your ‘plane’ away? :laughing:


I have the same situation…I sadly have to work at the same desk where I sim. :slightly_frowning_face:

I simply tuck my Saitek yoke/throttle quadrant behind my left monitor. It’s still a bit busy back there with all the cabling and such, but not too bad. I’m pretty sure that these units are quite a bit smaller than your setup, so you probably need to buy a much bigger monitor than what you currently have to hide everything. You’re welcome!

Similarly, I hang my wireless headphones on command-strip hooks on the back of my monitor. Keeps them nearby but hidden, and I have a handy USB cable to charge them.

mounted most on playseat airforce, have swivel wheels mounted under the seat, switching between normal seat and playseat…

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I use the Playseat Airforce too, it’s a great little setup.


The honeycombs are attached to my cockpit. So when the weekend’s over and work calls, I detach the usb and HDMI cables, unscrew the clamps. Get the cockpit off my desk, tighten the clamps again, and stow it on its side next to my cupboard. Waiting for the next weekend! Works great. It’s a five minute transition.

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