How do you turn off auto-trimming in Airliners?

I notice that when doing landing challenges even if autopilot and auto-throttle is turned off the plane still keeps trimming. I can’t seem to find any switch to disable this. So far I’ve had it happen on 747 and A320. What am I missing? This normal behavior? Altitude hold isn’t on either btw.

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The 320 has auto trim but not the 747 so it is possible you have something else going on. Where do you have trim mapped?

You’re right, it wasn’t the 747, perhaps 787? Definitely occurs with the A320. My trim is mapped to the trim switches on my Honeycomb Alpha Yoke. Adjusting the trim with the switches when the plane is auto-trimming has no affect.

Only Airbus. Auto trim isn’t a Boeing thing.

I would take a look in the mapping. On the left side, in the search enter trim and it will show all the controls that are mapped. It sure sounds like you have something else commanding the trim to move. Even with autotrim you can still overcome it with manual trim.

If I may ask, what is the function of it in the airbus? Is it just to maintain a level flight? I only ask, as a noob with jumbo jets, to ascertain what use auto-trimming would provide in a situation where you are essentially supposed to be full manual. I totally get having the plane control trim if one is on autopilot, or is on altitude hold or whatnot. But with all those disengaged why would you want the plane to still set trim?

I ask honestly in a learning sense, I truly do.

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Good question…

It is an attempt to allow the pilot to simply put the aircraft in a particular attitude and release the stick. The aircraft “intelligence” then trims the aircraft so no additional input is required by the pilot. It is considered an advantage of the “fly by wire” system used by Airbus.
It takes some getting used to but it definitely works to reduce the effort by the pilot to control the aircraft.

Being an “old school” Boeing guy I will probably never like it, but only because I never liked the idea that a computer can fly better than me. :slight_smile:


Well thank you so much! I appreciate the explanation, and I agree :grin:

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I have the same problem and I just believe that there is something I missed which was going on so that those auto trim or auto throttle could not be switched off. But, now, I would say nothing is certain in this game, too many things just do not work as they supposed to. For the time being, I just casually play the game to enjoy scenary or just fly a bit ignoring all the bugs and problems. To be precise, I will not try to use this sim to learn the mechanic or electronic of an airplane in this sim, especially instrument flight. Let’s wait for a couple of months when things get better abd when ppl tell us certain planes works correctly then we go to learn.

Unless you’re describing something different, Airbuses do this IRL as well. If you aim the plane at 7 degrees upwards, it’ll stay there until you touch the sidestick again. No need to trim.


I dont remember which flight computer it is, but I think its one of the sec() computers, if you turn them off it will disable auto-trim. It will also make the airbus a hell of alot more fun/scarier to fly as well.

There are 3 on board computers switches above and to the left and above and to the right. Play with em and see which one turns it off … Im betting sec2 but its been awhile since I messed with them.


Yeah the maiden flight of the A320 in southern France ended in disaster because the pilot wasnt aware of this feature. There have been a few other mishaps as well related to this. Usually pilot in-experience vs fly-by-wire aircraft that know better then old pilots.

In an Airbus the plane flies YOU!

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I think that’s quite a convenient feature, especially for the larger airliners.

Yeah now that I know it’s by design and the trim isn’t actually fighting against the pilots changes I’m come to see it’s value. Thanks for the replies guys!