How do you update to version 8 (PC)?

The game doesn’t prompt me to update. I am signed into the XBox app and MSFS. I have pressed the “check for updates” button in the app. I’ve looked for updates within MSFS.

Usually the game prompts me to update.

Go to the Windows Store and check for updates.

thanks @WidowMaker37551 , that’s what I’m trying to do but when I click ‘check for updates’ nothing happens

Hi @Kartman013,
Assure that all items are updated in the MS Store as there are other components that get delivered through the store.

After doing that, restart your PC and then check again. Most times, a PC restart will trigger the MS Store download for MSFS.


thanks @Hester40MT that did the track.

Will there ever come a time when I’m not surprised by the antics we have to go through to ge this sim working?

Hopefully next time we’ll be surprised when it works? :slight_smile:

Glad it’s working for you now!

haha yeah true, it’s currently giving me the spinny wheel spinny wheel with absolutuely no indication that it is doing anything other than spinning :man_facepalming:

Mine did that too. Just wait for it as it takes a bit to chunk through all the GB’s of files to verify.

so here’s what it also does; after updating in the windows store, nothing happens to given you an indication that anything is done. Then, by chance, I happened to notice a notification in the Xbox app (which I never use btw), so you have to click on the notification to tell you there’s an update which you need to install. So you click on that and it asks you something else which you click on before the game starts. Once you’re in the game it asks you if you want to update to the new version. I mean what the actual? so that’s the story for all you none the wiser folks who like me, last time there was an update just updated from inside the sim on the first go!

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We need a 500 page SOP manual just to install. :slight_smile:

This wishlist topic may interest you:

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One final thing, once I was prompted to update the game and it completed the update process, it actually wasn’t done. It then notified me that there were further updates to the sim as I have the Deluxe version which I had do go access via the profile section. Really convoluted!

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