How do you use the "Trim" command and how do you set it up? Newbie question

Hi there, I haven’t used the “trim Command” in my flights…How do you set it up? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

You set your Pitch (nose angle) and Power (throttle setting) first - let’s say you want to be straight and level at 65 knots. You push/pull the stick to the appropriate angle (trying to get 0 feet per second on the Vertical Speed Indicator). You set the the throttle to an appropriate setting to get 65 knots indicated. You will find you need to apply either forward or backward constant input on the stick to maintain that speed and (zero) rate of climb. That is when you start applying trim either using the keyboard or if you mapped it to a specialty control on your controllers. Up trim to keep the stick back a little, and Down Trim for forward input.

The idea being, a properly trimmed plane will maintain the intended speed and pitch once you release the controls.

Pitch, Power, Trim is the mantra.

Simply put, you trim for airspeed, if you change your speed you need to adjust your trim…the goal is to have zero pressure on the yoke,

Additionally, if you are using a non-linear sensitivity curve (e.g. -33% with my T16000M), trim is important because the further you move the stick/yoke away from the neutral position, the higher the sensitivity becomes and the more difficult it becomes to precisely control the aircraft.

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