How does one get this new update

It says I need an update and Microsoft Store says go to X box. I click on it and it opens X box app, and I see no way to start update??

On PC XBox App scroll to library an you shoudl see a tile for FS standard edition that should have a yellow button under it with install update or the like.

Give it some time.

Should be available in the store

In the Xbox app, click on " My Collection " and all your games are listed, wait a few seconds and you will see an icon with the arrow pointing down , click on it.

Mine has just started 21.18 here in the UK

no update in US for me yet

No update for me in Australia yet, either!

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If you have the MS Store version and the MS Store is showing no update, restart your PC then go back to the MS Store app and check for updates.

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ok thanks guys…that’s probably it

Don’t forget to load the update in the marketplace.

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It finally started, downloading now.

It took about 5 minutes from opening both the store and xbox apps for the UPDATE button to show up. I ended up using the xbox app for the update.

If it doesnt come up in msstore and you have you pc on for a while reboot it first

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