How far away are other planes?

I’m flying around and, depending on location, can see a forest of GamerTags detailing the aircraft and their altitudes. How can I tell how far away these aircraft are or how far away can they be before the GamerTag disappears?

That’s a good question, it’s too far I know that much. And they need to remove that silly black large blocks and letters. It’s ugly. Go back to nametags like FSX and pretty much every other game. I know it can be done because sometimes you see the white names on the AI aircraft without the large black box.

And includes rotating information on aircraft, height and speed.

Great post. Would be great if they would provide a slider to adjust how far/close we want the nametags to be appearing. I certainly hope that the range is not big enough that it is affecting FPS in trying to track all of those other aircraft.

This is already in the wish list; multiple times.

If you can’t see their plane, why see their name?” - me.


I think we really need a range selection so that we do not have to see tags a selectable distance away.
Sometimes I see a number of tags around my home airport (Pensacola - KPNS) but most of the time they are far away. A selectable view range would be perfect.

I agree. Selectable distance would be good, as well as options as to exactly what is displayed. At the moment I can be flying along the west coast of Ireland and see tags to my west purporting to be for example a 747 at 200 ft. I can only suppose it relates to a plane on the ground at the other side of the Atlantic, which is crazy.

Take a look at this:

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Works great!! Thanks for the link. One less thing to annoy me when flying.

In Flight, you have the distance in NMs displayed in name plate as well, that would be nice to have in this sim too.


@MiamiMakos , @Dalwhat There’s a wishlist item for the slider. Feel free to vote for it here:

Done! Thanks N316TS.

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My pleasure!