How have I resolved my stuttering and game freezing issues?

How have I resolved my stuttering and game freezing issues? Disabling the rolling cache completely. Be careful, I only recommend it if you have a good internet connection. I have tried to fly in dense settings and with a lot of photogrammetry and the stutters have practically disappeared. I have also verified that the use of the HDD that suffered usage peaks of 100% (it was what caused the stutters) has dropped drastically, and I am talking about an HDD, not an SSD (My SSD does not have the capacity to have the game installed there. Try it and tell me. I am very happy because the constant stutters had me desperate…

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Here’s a topic where a user reported its experiance with a HDD

and yes… in that topic I also mentioned that I have rolling.cache disabled or use sometime only a very small portion of e.g. 2gig. For me I see not really any beneffit of the rolling.cache, in special if I fly very often on different places. The 2gig I use if I stay a while in same area.

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