How I can be refund?

I bought the CRJ from Aerosoft on the marketplace. I can’t use it since because I can’t control the power using two buttons on my gamepad. This plane need a throttle quadrant with axis to be played. So I want to be refund for thsi product.


I think the best way to achieve this is to open a Zendesk request:

Although the title describes a different problem, the solution is about the same. Sadly, there is no standardized process for marketplace refunds yet

how is that so?

Probably it’s better to ask directly to Aerosoft.

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Do the test yourself. Instead of using a throttle quadrant, use the keyboard to power up and down and you will see what happen. Impossible to control the power this way and impossible to land the plane without throttle.

no i’m not paying 65$ cad for a plane it might not work with my xbox controller…

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I believe Aerosoft has a strict no refund policy

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First of all, I use the X-Box Controller to fly mine and have no issues. So it can definitely be done.
Second, did you use the Throttle Calibration section on the EFB? You should set to single and no reverse axis, then push Default. Then Save settings. It should work just fine.

I don’t think you will get a refund, either via Aerosoft or anyone else. Also, Aerosoft isn’t the one who sold you the product, the Marketplace did. You shouldn’t qualify for a refund either way.


Never though I’d read something like this in the flight sim community…but here we are folks 2021 era.


Don’t understand that one.

The Bleriot Omega also has a problem with the throttle when using an Xbox controller. Items loaded onto the Marketplace must have clear indications of applicable devices, otherwise there’s going to be a lot of problems. Or, MS make it a requirement that all content must work with their default devices. I don’t see the problem in requesting either.

Well, not good if I can’t be refund.

The X_box controller is a such of a gamepad like my Logitech F710. I imagine you are using one of the small joystick to controller the throttle ? Me I’m using two buttons wich are the same as using two keyboard command.

Nope. I am using the A to throttle up and B button to throttle down. I think your problem is that you haven’t read the manual and you don’t know that the throttles are locked initially and you have to unlock them and move them to idle position before you can use them.


If MarketPlace shows your purchase history, you might be able to follow these instructions:

But there have been recent threads indicating that purchase history may not be shown. Check it out anyway, hope it helps you.

When using the xbox controller for testing, throttle response with the buttons is sooo slow.
I’ve additionally assigned one button for max power and one for idle.
Especially the idle one is very convenient when landing.

Thanks I’ll check.

2021 and still the elitist flight sim community exist

so here’s my setup that no longer works because my GPU broke down 6 months ago and the new RTX30** are no where to be found

and here is my temporary setup that I use my xbox controller with, when I dont want to plug my old T Flight

Planes are perfectly flyable with a controller BTW, unless you have ***** thumbs dexterity
Anyway, sorry for OT


I have exactly the same. One button for max power, one button for cut power and two buttons for increasing or decreasing the power. On any other plane since 1984 flying FS have always works very nicely.

I read part of the manual concerning the throttle. If you are talking about the two red release latches (#7 in the manual), I can release when at climb position but as soon as I press the button to decrease power, the latches goes down immediately locking it again. I seen nothing about how to unlock the throttles ? I would like it works instead of being refund because I really like the CRJ made in Quebec where I live.

Okay, just that we non-Canadians understand this correctly: you shell out 65 quids for a custom airplane - and you have only an Xbox controller? amused :slight_smile: