How Is Beta Update Working For You?

Welp, we just got a new update. Post your experience. Did it improve performance for you or decrease?

Are you getting that awesome performance we first saw at first SU10 beta release?

Any new issues?

They’re closing threads on here…Hope this one is safe.

I haven’t had time to get home yet to try it but I just want my 10fps back that the last Beta update took :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Didn’t want to start at first, Emptied community folder and ran it in safe mode and I have to say it is promising. My test scenario is KATL 26L and on the last beta version it was a slideshow, but today it is now running silky smooth again.


I’m hoping they fixed the performance drop with popouts like they did with the first SU10 Beta.


Agree. Hope they bring back the performance from fist build. Can’t wait to get off work!

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stuttering during landing and approach is still there, but slightly less than the previous build …


Is this with DX12?

Ahh that’s good to hear!!

Severe stutter when panning still occurs…

i9 9900@5.3, rtx3080, 32gb 3800mhz Ram, Win 11

Bad stutters in dx12 and dx11 on ground.


Man i hoped they would fix the light pollution…at this stage i am kinda worried we wont see it for SU10… :frowning:


Try disabling the Geforce Experience overlay in options if it’s enabled.

If it’s not in the patch notes, don’t count on it.

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nah, DX11 …

Don’t have it installed.
I tried different drivers, HT on/off, bios to default, but nothing helps so far.

I wouldn’t say the performance is any different. The artefacts appear to have gone.

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Try resetting graphics settings or delete user.cfg file.

I didn’t think you could capture the stuttering with a static image, so I’m guessing you have motion blur enabled?

The patch didn’t came yet…

Something I forgot to mention. There was an issue in FS9 where when I clicked the FS9 start icon, nothing happened. Viewing Windows task manager showed the App was loaded and running. A second click on the FS9 startup icon successfully started the APP with no further issues.

Soooo… I’m getting the same in FS2020 in the sense that when I start it, sometime during the startup sequence I get a CTD. If I just start up again, FS2020 runs successfully. I have learned to live with it.