How is REX weather with SU7?

With live weather broke (yet) again for me with haze from hell everywhere, how is SU7 with REX Weather Force? I haven’t used it for sometime, as it started giving me some FPS issues and weather was improved for me until this last update.

Presently not working - Devs are developing a patch.

Yeah I assumed, thanks for the update. Hopefully they have something soon that works around the haze effect. But I think it’s in the actual weather engine now. No idea how this got released when it’s so obvious…

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Honestly, I think it’s a mess.
It appears as if it or MSFS gets confused over pressure variables with the net result that your aircraft will lose or gain several thousand feet in a few seconds depending on how it feels on the day.

I strongly suspect it’s Rex at fault here, because once i interrupt it from providing any weather data, it all goes back to normal.

I would upload a video/gif but i’m not going through the hassle of converting/trying to find hosting sites - it all seems to have been disallowed here