How is the AreZone Electra soundpack?

Where Aeroplane Heaven is failing with its unfinished products others seem to be stepping in. AreZone has now released a soundpack for the Electra, does anyone know if it is worth the purchase? (Apart from the fact that it is a crazy situation you have to pay extra to get a payware aircraft to work properly)

I guess this means none of the subsequent updates for the Electra focused on or dealt with the sounds? I was holding off on this in the hopes they’d give it some attention down the road.

I was going to wait for some reviews, but I went for it anyway.

I only did one quick test flight after finally getting it working. I would not say this is a huge improvement. It’s better in some ways, worse in others. Engine sound is probably more authentic, but back to being very loud. Flap sound doesn’t last long enough so it repeats if you put the flaps up or down all at once. I found the transition to a shutdown sound was very abrupt and the sound still doesn’t match the props (sound cuts out while they are still spinning, like before). Still no sound change when opening the window (i’m sure that’s beyond what replacement sounds can do). Sound volume changes when turning my head in VR. Engines shouldn’t get quieter by looking at them.

As far as installation, it uses an executable to install one folder. I would have much preferred a zip file for dragging and dropping. It’s not a simple drag and drop to the community folder. You need to replace the existing sound folders (3 times, one for each version). Then there’s a layout.json file that has to be moved to the aircraft folder, replacing the existing one. Unfortunately the supplied layout.json is the wrong one with references to a Beech 18 all through it. Easy enough fix… find and replace “D18S” with “L10A” and it’s good to go. I’m sure they will fix that soon. And of course this will need to be reinstalled every time an update to the Electra comes out.

Overall, not the best $11 I’ve ever spent, but I’ve done worse.

Thanks, I did not wait either, you’re right, and including in the wrong Layout-file is somewhat sloppy. Well, the Electra still does not get the love she deserves it seems