How is VR now compare to when it was first implemented?

Hi I’ve been away from flying in VR with the quest 2 for several months now. I’m just curious right now to know what has change now compare to when VR was first launch ? Do i still need to go through the same procedure as before to jump back into VR, for example editing the registry for vr? I want to get back into vr again but don’t have clue to what has change so far.

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I’ve had to bail on VR. No matter what the settings, my high end system just cannot be consistent with it. Stutters, CTD’s and a host of other issues means it has probably been abandoned by Asobo. I bought a new Index and tried everything in STEAM. Unflyable!

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Gets better all the time for me, can’t go back to a 2D now


I think the optimization for VR is the headset asobo recommended. Reverb G1,G2 . Someone told me if you don’t have one of those you wont benefit much from asobo optimization in vr. I was hoping for the connection process to be more easier to get back into VR flying. No registry editing to get the quest 2 to work with MFS. But i guest base on the guide i see in here i have to do all that all over again.

It’s hard for me to say. The VR experience in my Reverb G2 is much better for me now than it was 6 months ago. But I can’t say whether it’s because of anything Asobo did to optimize it, or whether it’s just that I have learned how to configure it and tweak it and just become better at dealing with the issues. Heaven knows I had lots of headaches in the beginning trying to get this thing up and running. Now I can’t really enjoy flight simming without it.

I do like VR but I’d rather spend a few hours with a simulator that supported multi-monitor/multi-views than flying in the stuttering, blurry and low FOV we currently “enjoy” with FS 2020.

Unfortunately, VR is still like looking through prescription glasses that are off a bit.

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I will agree with that. I have spent hours getting it dialed in. Now it is flippin amazing I have the G2 , 3090 and intel 9900K. I am able to make flawless flights with full weather ,traffic and high to ultma on everything now. What really help me is the hardwire between the modem and computer with the multi gig cable. You have to have major bandwidth. I am using the Nvidia tuning tool and has dialed in even more. I have been using 200+ airplanes for stress testing. I am still using the older drivers but going to the newest very soon. I now have 123hr in VR and will never go back to 2D. I have been flying MSFS since FS1 in 1982. would love to help anyone.

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My experience exactly. Much better experience now, not sure it’s because of asobo or my constant tinkering. In general, I’d say that VR performance needs to roughly double from today’s performance, before it is something for the masses, so to speak…

What do you mean by this? Can you elaborate a bit more?

Experience for me seems to better, however this is only anecdotal.

The overall critic that user experience can differ considerably still appears to be an issue and new updates for msfs/driversetc can cause problems that seem like youre going backwards. overall though I think the experience has improved for me. To note I’m using q2 on 5800x 1080ti flying ga.

I think a lot of users views on this can come down to expectations and levels of perseverance, all different and to some extent equally valid.

Much better performance. In my G1 and rtx 2080ti I can rock almost everything at ultra with AI traffic and land traffic at 100.

It’s super smooth apart from a few stutters when loading in heavy cities. But I’m too focussed on 2 whites 2 reds to give it attention!

X-plane has better clarity right now and agree MSFS looks slightly blurry (90% sharp IMO). It’s only going to get better with MSFS.

I flew from london to italy last night in the airbus a320 and i only fly vr now. And the airbus is one of the best for being “less blurry” it’s pretty sharp. Flew over the austrian alps. Views were insane to say the least. - oculus rift s no issues.

I can’t imagine myself ever going back to 2D.

I gave up on VR with my Q2 until the release of Airlink and I was able to connect to my router with ethernet. Now that I have a stable connection I love it. I only use it for short sightseeing flights (30 min or less). I stick with my monitors for anything cross country that require a flight plan.

Is Airlink better than virtual desktop?

How do you fly for so long in vr without taking a break? I remember tracking ir had this option where you would pause the tracking movement and give you neck a rest .

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VR hasn’t changed majorly since it was first introduced, if anything it’s been made slightly worse with additional issues from a Patch a while ago but thankfully they’re not game breaking issues. Asobo have declared they are revisiting VR later in the year and have some exciting stuff planned, I just hope they keep to their word and don’t drop VR down the priority list like they have done since launch.

Main one it needs is better optimisation, hopefully the DX12 update and/or better core code improvements will help.

Yea I think step by step they will get it right. Welcoming dx12 will be a good push forward.

I have a WMR Samsung Odyssey + on a 2080, running on a GPU passthroughed Win 10 with 6 cores and 12 threads of my 3900x. I should say the VR experience flying over Mt Cook National Park in NZ with Orbx mesh is awesome. I would love to see higher higher resolution in VR, its like watching a 720p feed when you are used to 1080p or higher, but with the hardware that I have, I’m satisfied at this point.

I started with the registry edit with my G2 but had to reinstall Windows to solve an issue with updating the graphics driver. During setup Windows saw the G2 on its own, installed Windows Mixed Reality, and it just works. Not well thanks to some more weird bugs where windows (including FS2020) get moved off my visible desktop somewhere offscreen so my mouse can no longer click on anything in them, but it works. Quite well until the bug manifests. Then it’s quit FS2020, close WMR, and reopen and close every app that now thinks it should always open off screen, and the fire everything back up.

The VR itself is good. The built-in support for WMR and the G2 is amazingly clunky and unfriendly.