How likely is a airport made by a single asset maker like me going to get accpeted in the marketplace?

Im making an Indian Airport, and as i understand im the only one doing it. Its a big and important airport of a Tier 1 City. But unless its on the marketplace, its not really worth my time. i dont trust selling it on 3rd party sites.

Quality wont be an issue because i have the skill that match the quality something say like the CYYZ from flytampa [i have been selling game assets for some time now].

But if its no accepted, there no point. But i dont also see any big devs like orbx or even anyone else making it.

How likely is it to get accepted?

There are smaller developers in the MarketPlace.

When you are ready, you can apply here for the Partner Program:

I don’t think anyone can answer that officially for you on this forum.

You can contact the Marketplace team via email with questions and inquiries here.

If Bredok3D gets accepted, anyone can make it :rofl:


Some interesting comments from Jorg on the dev Q&A today, they are certainly aware that there is room for a lot of improvement allowing dev access to the Marketplace. However he also said that they do monitor the online chat around upcoming projects, to see what people are really looking forward to, so although there isn’t really an answer to your question, your first step would definitely be to get some work done on a project and get the word out online.
I am in a similar position to you, thinking that it just isn’t worthwhile completing a project if I’ll never get access to the marketplace, but with the upcoming WU12 New Zealand, I am rethinking this.
Next month will be the second anniversary of my application…

you waited 2 years?

yeah i dont think i want to wait that long. id rather release it on say CGtrader and still throw in an application and forget about it

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