How long does it take for Developers to get a Plane approved?

I want to buy the PC-6 on the Marketplace because i really don’t like the third party installer from MilViz. I know its in the approval process but without a time window. Does someone know how long the approval process takes in the average?

The PC-6 has not yet been submitted to the Marketplace. We’re likely going to do that this week…

AFAIK, it can take between 10 and 30 days for a product to be made live…

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I understand it can take even longer than that due to staffing issues. I hope not though.

What is wrong with the installer from MilViz?

Yeah… I’d like to know that as well…

Had a couple of really annoying problems with planes with a prop rpm lever which i only could resolve by deleting and reinstalling the game from scratch. The external installer is one thing more i need to remember when i do that.

Love my Corsair but i like to have my things in one place for convenience.

Oh, i thought someone in the MilViz Forum said its already in review :sweat_smile:

guys, sometimes it takes months… just flight piper is still not approved… so dont expect anything.


You have to be very patient, marketplace is definitely the worst part of this game imo.


There were only two people who did all the additions to the marketplace. Two people over a week could package about 10 products a week for the marketplace, which before Xbox meant it would take a week or two to get a product in. Then Xbox came, and there were 500 products that had to get to the Xbox marketplace. And sim update 5 meant many products needed updates. Those two people could not handle tHat backlog. It would have taken a year or more just to get through it. So Asobo has hired 4 more people. Now they can get through about 35 products a week. It’s going to take a bit to get through all the backlog, but once through that, it should only take a week to get a product or update to market.


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