How long does it take to fix a broken bridge

The problem bridge is at Pensacola, Fl… Our local airport is Pensacola International KPNS
The bridge, known as the 3 mile bridge, runs north /south going to/from Pensacola , Gulf Breeze and Pensacola Beach.
I reported breaks in the bridge right after MSFS was released and 2 times thereafter to ZenDesk.
I realize that hurricane sally and some loose barges destroyed 2 spans of the bridge last year but the satellite views in MSFS were taken well before that… WELL BEFORE…

Anyway, how long, in your experience, does it generally take to fix an elevation flaw like missing spans in a bridge. Pensacola is a Photogrammetry city.

Interestingly, since Pensacola is the Cradle of Naval Aviation and Home of our famous Blue Angels, I was surprised to find such limited MSFS traffic here. I guess we have a boring landscape…and broken bridges… o well…smile

Hi @MeridianOwl4306!
I’ve moved your topic into #sdk-discussion as it’s better suited for a question about this. The SDK is the development area for MSFS and those that do this, would be better to answer your question.