How long have I been flying around with no scenery streaming?

I know I’ve been complaining about the graphics recently so I thought I’d take a quick audit of my setup as I’d just flown over Venice the other day and was less than impressed with the depiction of the city, especially after having seen other people’s screenshots. I tried switching from High to Ultra graphics, and besides dropping from 40 to 30fps there was little or no effect.

Then just by chance I noticed that my cache directory had changed from my E: drive back to my small C: drive. I then noticed that data streaming was set to NO. I changed everything back to the way I had set it up back in August and flew around Venice again. Perfect! Fabulous!

I was left with the question however of just how long have I been flying around with off-line scenery? I guess it must have been one of the patches that did this, but has anyone else experienced this? One thing I’m left with however is that while it is in no way comparable to streaming maps the off line scenery is good enough for me not to notice beyond a bit of grumbling here and there.


I had this once where my internet connection was dropped and it went into offline mode. I assumed it would reconnect automatically but I was wrong. I also flew around for quiet some time thinking that I’d stumbled into an autogen terrain but after switching data back on, it made the world of difference.

I had the same issue recently. I think I’d been flying around for weeks with it off. I’d been doing a world tour and wondered why Europe didn’t look as nice as North America. I think the streaming data got turned off when it lost connection to the servers while I was in the middle of one of my flights across the north Atlantic between Canada, Iceland, and Ireland. I only found out about it when I posted about why my one-off trip through the Bahamas suddenly looked WAY worse than it had two months ago, and I had screenshots of both. I was told to check the streaming settings and found them off.

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I had assumed it was a patch rather than a random disconnection, which doesn’t really explain why my cache directory had been changed. It would be a pain if I had to remember to check these settings every time I flew, more so if I had to manually change them back again too.