How many airports does MSFS have anyway?

So I just had to run a utility called “Make Runways” from the same fine folks who bring us FSUIPC. I had to do it because I’m evaluating an ATC addon called PF3, and it needs the data that Make Runways spits out. Not sure what it does, that’s above my paygrade, but it it needs it, and running that one little program gives it what it needs, then I’m good.

So… Survey Says:

There are exactly 38,169 airports in MSFS, at least as it currently exists. I will buy the first person to land at every single one of them a $100 gift certificate to Outback Steak House, but you must document your feat.

Good luck!!

LOL do I actually have to fly there, or can I teleport near the runway and just land the plane?

I’ve done it - and I hereby document the feat - using words.

PS: I’m vegetarian so you can keep the voucher.

You have to actually fly there. Screenshots will work as evidence, as will snips of your logbook entries. But grab those quick, sometimes MSFS eats logbooks.


That’s good you threw that out there. Because I live on Ronnie Ray Gun’s philosophy of “Trust, but verify.” I believe you when you say you did it. But to get the voucher, some sort of proof would have been necessary. But since you don’t want it anyway, I’ll just congratulate you on your super-human feat! How long did it take you to pull that off??

even if you took only 5 minutes to land at and document each airport, it’d still take over 660 days of full-time, 24-7, flying to do it.

Good luck with that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess you’ll have to add 3-4 zeros at the end of your offer to make it more interesting :smiley:

Oh and can you imagine the fun, finding the missing one, when you think you have done them all and there are only 38,168 airports on your list? :slight_smile:


I think there are some sadistic tendencies on display here @KevyKevTPA . :wink:

Well, I did open a can of worms!

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I’m almost at 15%, but I also landed at some airports that are not in the game

Btw, there are also airports in the game that don’t exist anymore, and some that haven’t been completed yet, some are under water, some are just a marker in a forest, no strip to be found.


Nobody else is going for that gift certificate?


When I used to play Eve Online, many years ago, there were bots that used to mine/kill pirates for hours on end and I’d say that unless somebody finds a way of doing something like that in MSFS, your money will be very safe indeed. :slight_smile:

Thinking about it, maybe you should add a “no bot” clause to your kind offer? :stuck_out_tongue:

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