How much better is the new Reverb G2 V2 compared to V1? (quantitatively)

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I’m thinking about switch to VR flights. Now I’m fliying with a 49" ultrawide (32:9) Samsung monitor that is a beast (the only con is the height is a bit low). A year ago a try the G2 and I did not was convinced on how it looks mostly because the sweet spot (I can sacrifice image quality and FOV) Weeks later since I returned the G2 I read that with a simple gasket mod the FOV and sweet spot can be improved (also I discovered that with OpenVR the performance can be improved) but in that moment I passed.

Recently I checked that there are some G2 in the second hand market at about €350 that it is affordable. If I can sell that monitor for €650 (more or less) I can get a G2 and start a little motion simulator project.

Also, a few months ago HP released the V2 with that new “facial interface” and some other improved things so the desire to let VR a new chance awakes on me one more time. My questions here are:

  • In percent (or in inch/cm), how much more the sweet spot increase?

  • About sweet spot, is the same the V2 as the V1 modded?

  • Do you use VR 100% of time?

I read some people saying that the V2 (and V1 mods) do not worth at all, and others saying is a game changer.

Really thank you!!

You mean qualitatively I think.

Well no, I mean quantitatively. If someone can tell under theyr subjective vision/opinion how muche increase the sweet spot (eg. in percentage of the whole screen, twice the original, three times, nothing). The idea is measure that numericaly, if can.

I fly 100% VR in G2 v1. With time your brain adapts to the VR limitations like the sweet spot. For me there is no way back to ordinary display (or a set of 3 displays and TrackIR I used before). The immersion level in VR, the 360 degrees sphere of view and the stereoscopic image are now must have for me.

I use the 3D printed gasket mod. I would say it improves the sweet spot by 15%. My 3D printed gasket offers similar eye-lens distance as the G2 v2 modular gasket.

Attention point: If you wear prescription glasses you can’t bring your eyes closer to the lenses unless you use contact lenses of equip your G2 with insert lenses.


Despite the many shortcomings and some bugs, once you move into VR in MSFS there is no going back to pancake 2D…

at least for me.
The 3D immersion is perfect, the performance is more than acceptable with the OpenXR toolbox (I own a G2 but only a 3060TI GPU). And, you can have as many panels opened as you wish (including Navigraph, PDF reader, ATC, VFR maps, etc.) without any performance hit and without taking valuable real state in your screen(s), as you can move those windows to your virtual lap, to the copilot seat, etc. etc. Just move a bit your head, and your pop-panels are there…
Unfortunately, I think you cannot pop out instrument panels (at least, I do not know how to do it), so readability of intruments can be a challenge for complex glass panels.


Thank you very much! You make my day with your complete info. 15% increased sweet spot seems not to be a huge improvement but as you say, my brain maybe needs more time. Definitively I’ll let a chance to VR again and spent more time doing better configuration and letting my brain adapt to the new sensations.

Again, thank you guys!

The custom gaskets are a HUGE improvement. I bought one on ebay early and never looked back, haven’t used the stock gasket since. I can’t put a number on it but FOV and sweet spot are much better, to the point where I don’t have a sweet spot issue at all.

If you can get a good condition v1 G2 cheaply, get it and buy a custom gasket, they’re a lot cheaper now. I don’t see big advantages in the v2. Up to you though, the most important thing is to get into VR!

Haven’t flown in 2D since the VR patch came out Christmas 2020. There’s just no point.

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I’d heard the Reverb G2 v2 only got a tracking update (improved controller tracking) but optically it’s the same as v1 lenses etc?

I have the same Samsung 49" monitor, but ever since i got my Reverb G2 , i 90 of the time prefer to load in VR. The immersion is just next level. I have V1. and with the Open XR developer toolkit, it is awesome! You can also adjust brightness/ contrast/ world scale etc.

Difference between V1 and V2 of the G2 wont be huge, from reviews i read online. My V1 is modified with an after market face gasket to get more FOV. but if you can, of course , get V2; unless you are getting a V1 for a great price.

What is a custom gasket, and where can I buy it from? (I own a G2 V1) Thanks!

If you do get a secondhand one,check it has the new version cable .The original cables they came with were causing issues ,like screen going blank and amd motherboards usb problems.

Something like this and combine with a very thin cushion: HP Reverb G2 WideVision Mod Gasket - der Immersionsbooster - Anthracite | eBay

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Good to read that! is a step forward to me to go ahead to VR.

I can buy the V1 for 330€ (second hand) instead the 500€ of the new brand V2

Thanks!! I’m impressed on how very exciting the VR flights became!!

Good deal if it’s in good condition!

I own both Reverb models, the improvements aren’t as big as say the Oculus CV1 vs Oculus Rift S visually.I prefer the G2s manual IPD slider to the G1. The G2 had improved mura effect issues that plagued the G1. Also the G2’s audio is much better than my G1.