How much network bandwidth is needed for MSFS 2020?

I’ve got a PC dedicated to MSFS 2020. Due to where it is located in the house, I get the following on Speedtest:

Ping: 12mS
Download: 70Mbps
Upload: 36Mbps

My broadband at my main PC is much better as I’m connected directly to my broadband router. However, my flightsim PC is connected via a Homeplug device. So, is 73Mbps download enough?

I have a 40 mbits (germany has bad internet :confused: ) and its working fine! Microsoft says 50 mbits is for ultra requirements so you are fine.

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I have the same set up as you. I get drops when the wife is on her treadmill!! Think it might be the motor in it causing fluctuations. The treadmill is on the same ring main (in UK), so apart from that MSFS is ok.

The wife asks if I’ve landed yet before she goes jogging it :rofl:


i would like to know this,i have the same 73mbps,the maximum acording to m/s is 50mbps so we hopefully should be ok,im no broadband expert and i do struggle in the big cities with melted building,hopefully someone in the community will be able to help

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well, I have effective 255 but since last Week the SIM is telling me this is too low and interrupts my flying and switches me to offline mode every few minutes…

I imagine homeplug is another word for powerline adapter?
If so, I have the same setup, 1Gbps internet, 1Gbps powerline (advertised), ~80Mbps (actual), never had issues with MSFS.

Yes, Homeplug is Powerline (Ethernet over mains wiring).

LMAO. What if you’re doing a transatlantic flight? Does she wait for you to land?

The problem is the MS MSFS Servers, not at your home

She goes jogging outside, or just waits until I’ve landed if its raining… Bless her :rofl:

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Just tell her to do her run while you’re in the flight programming / boarding phase. It’ll be like she’s late for the flight running to the gate!

If you can get her to hold a starbucks in one hand while waiving the other yelling “wait” that be even better. It’s all about the immersion!


Actually that’s a good idea :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Dang wish mine was like that. Definitely a keeper!


Sure the Sim will use what it can, and what is available from Azure. I’ve got FTTP @ 500Mbps and sometime see 300+ being used over complex areas like New York.

40 - 45 mb here usually, but it can drop to around 35 during peak times. I could do with a little higher I think as I do notice scenery loading is a tad slow at times.

What bandwidth is msfs taking up for those with really fast speeds?

Running with a 27MBPS connection (fastest I can get here). I only see issues with Azure disconnects like everyone else is. This was true when I was running FS on XBox X and also now on PC (laptop, but I’m currently running on mostly medium graphics).

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I used to only get 2-3 mbps in game until I discovered my ISP was screwin me. A few phone calls and holding a cable tech hostage for 20 hours uncovered they we’re throttling the connection. It seems all that traffic (50-80mbps) was caught by network engineer geeks and deemed to be a possible illegal download of material. Since then it has been corrected and all is good with the world.

On a side note, windows does not like certain versions of the Intel Ethernet Card, and the win driver can cause similar issues. I ended up getting a vendor driver which fixed that problem months ago.

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Quick fix: send here and the treadmill tot the barn in the backyard, as well as the microwave ( which also has a bad reputation in relation to networks)