How much would you be willing and able to pay for this aircraft?

Typically, flight-sim add-ons are quite expensive for what you get compared with DLC for other games. They don’t have to be; if more people will purchase an add-on at a lower price, then it makes economic sense to offer it at a lower price.

So help me price this aircraft model. How much would you want to pay for this plane?

The details; Embraer Phenom 300E. The highest performance single pilot jet, and the best selling aircraft in it’s class.
You will find this add-on very similar to the default aircraft in the sim in terms of systems fidelity and visual quality. It’s not “study level”, but a lot of fun nonetheless!

For the sake of simplicity, please post your answer in US dollars.


If they add some IFR features to the G3000 like VNAV, OBS, RNAV vertical guidance and airways I would pay $40. I would expect accurate engine logic, performance numbers and fuel burn for that price though.


At the same systems fidelity level for me would be $20 though it’s not really a model I would be interested in given the default available.

Better fidelity then higher price possible.


Does it have features that the default planes don;t have like opening doors - something I really miss?


Considering on as to how it’s not study level and features are similar to the default aircraft in the sim, I would be willing to spend between 8 - 15 USD.


Yes, you can open the door. It turned out to be very complex to animate, a fun technical challenge; there are even more moving parts than on the landing gear! Each green line represents one axis of rotation, and there is the translation of some parts also.


I’d say also between $15-$20.


I would pay $25~30


It’s not an aircraft I’m interested in, but I would buy it for $9.99


Im sorry, but this is just rude anwer to op. He asked politely how much user would pay. come on…
If you have ie. Rfactor, racing simulator, does your rfactor addons work in Assetto Corsa?

but yeah, I think with default plane kind of realism, 15-20€ would be ok.


15-20$ and u should catch the players that wouldnt buy it for 40$


Just flag as off topic.


no, but i hope im not the only one that feels my pain…

Offer two variations one for 20 that is standard model with less functionality like opening doors, fully modeled systems etc…and a deluxe for 40 that has all the bells and whistles and then offer a 10% discount for ppl with a standard to upgrade after 60 days.


ok got ur points… yes i buy planes. have paid up to $40 for decent visuals, navigation and minimal frame hit

Please, don’t deviate from the post. (You have other threads for that).
He is asking for help to price this addon.

To the topic. It’s not my prefered type of aircraft, but as for your info, I would pay something like 20 u$s.

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15-30 dollars depending on the system depth. If you have a fully functioning g3000 in there I would pay around 30 but 15-20 if it is more a basic plane with some stuff inoperative.

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Between 15$ and 25$, depending on system complexity and framerate friendlyness.

Congrats on making this, it’s a great achievement :slight_smile:

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I dont care about marketing words, I dont care if it is the best selling aircraft in its class or if Mahatma Gandi flew in it. The Phenom series has been with us for long years, they always look like canned planes, a copy paste. Nothing make them special, or at least the devs make the phenom not special. I love GA and private jets but I have never seen any good Phenom. I would pay 15-25 bucks, only if it performs really well, if I dont lose FPS, If the systems are working completely, every button. I hate reading ‘inop’ when hovering over buttons. Performance is Key again, when you fly a jet, that goes fast, you need to load scenery quickly so you need to optimize the plane to allow the sim to perform well too. You can’t fly at Mach 1 at 2K AGL in this sim. I don’t care about 4K textures I preffer a lower res artwork, you don’t need 4K textures to make a model look good. That said, I would love to see a well made Phenom.


Well default aircraft are not of my interest. So I would not even install it for free.

If you aim for the casuals then max 15 will be accepted