How often does the Xbox Marketplace update?

yeah it’s so sad, I knew this would be the case… I’d be happy to pay good money for this product on xbox and I doubt I’d be the only one


Still no alternative airliner to their buggy and poor A320neo - what about addon airliner? For me it seems I bought a fighter jet simulator :rage:. Ok my fault, I was really optimistic that MSFS will be great at Xbox - don’t get me wrong I like how it looks and so - but I am getting tried to fly with the A320neo ( and because of blackout bug just short legs) which has a lot of stuff not working - and even things which are available, like weather radar, not working as they should ( no automatic refresh).

Best Regards - a unhappy and disappointed customer


Well, this is that then. I will not throw good money after the bad money. I obviously made a bad investment by purchasing the flight sim and a few addons in good faith and for nostalgic reasons. And I will continue to use what I have. But I will not put any more money into that broken marketplace, whos leadership is either unwilling or unable. Addon bugfixes don’t fix anything after weeks of waiting, important addons are not green lit, broken junk addons are stuffed in my face because I have no alternative as an Xbox pilot.

Well Asobo/MS, there is news for you. There is an alternative. Not supporting this plattform any longer until there is a noticeable turnaround.


I really dont understand why Microsoft / Asobo put more energy into their own marketplace…

Three example that it takes to long for the 3rd party devs :
The longest delay was my fall season on marketplace which I submitted in May, and it was just uploaded about a week ago (1st Week of September)

Vessels: Global Shipping v1.2.6 and Vessels: Enhanced AI v1.1.7 was uploaded two weeks ago from the developer into marketplace but it is still not released…

and then the case around Just Flight…

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Another disappointing marketplace update…

Planes no good ones
Liveries none
Airports (who pays £20 for one airport?)


vote here :
Allow direct access to the marketplace for trusted 3rd parties - Self-Service / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Unfunny Fact… this Thread is from Dezember 20…


Well tbh I don’t think it’s MS/Asobo’s fault entirely. FBW could’ve made an Xbox version, if they really wanted to. The simulator is there, but it’s FBW’s choice not to develop the plane for Xbox.


What’s really annoying is that the screens shots in the market place on the Xbox show planes which are in a real live livery, which on the Xbox you can not get (false advertising)

Wish I never brought this game now. I wouldn’t even call it a beta version of the game. I have played alpha versions of games with less bugs.


This made my day :joy:
Sometimes this product seems to me one big pc advertisement on Xbox. “Like it? go buy a premium pc”
“Oh, and thanks for buying an Xbox”


I’ve spoken to the devs of the T-45, they have to deal with some Xbox compatability issues (mainly with the HUD) before releasing for Xbox, so this isn’t on Asobo/MS, it’s just a different platform thing. It’s coming though!


They’ve released Manchester Airport now which is likely to be the only airport I’ll spend money on as it’s local to me.

Aircraft selection on there is disappointing. Don’t bother with the CS 777, if you aren’t aware from reading the posts from PC folk it is just a skin for the default 747.


You did call it!
I thought of you when I saw the “A-4!”

The Vegas Bundle looks good.

Please let me know how the airport is once you try it as I’d also like to get this even though I had told myself to wait after the problems recently with addons.

Yeah when world update 6 was release they had almost 30 marketplace content on sale. I got excited thinking they were going to release all of that but instead seems to be for PC only. There’s just too much confusion for PC and Xbox as each has its own content release at a different time.

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I added the enhanced textures and they are good. Also interested in Manchester, let us know if it is worth buying, please.

I am struggling to keep the Spitfire on the runway, since their update, the swing to the left is very difficult to counter during the take off run.

The MB 339 is a dream to fly, very enjoyable.

I added the ORBX Optica which is good for a bit of sightseeing, but I had a rare CTD when flying through ORBX London City yesterday. Up until now they have been a rare event for me, I hope it isn’t the start of more issues.

I also flew the Islander around some of the landmarks added in WU 6, the Swiss Alps are impressive but some of the small field strips are really poor. Little more than a band of asphalt to denote a runway!

Still loving the experience though.


Anyone buy Manchester?

Moscow performs much better after update but weirdly degrades the longer you hang about the airport.


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Manchester is really good, picked it up yesterday. Very faithful to the real airport, and absolutely miles better than the default. I’d recommend it.

I’m umming and ahing about the Aeromacchi. Worth the money, do you reckon?

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Absolutely! I fly it more than any other plane. Visually stunning, quick and solid range. Great visibility. So in essence a great plane to see lots of the beautiful world quickly. It requires some takeoff roll though so not suitable for bush flying. :grin:

And one final, and in the light of other devs, hugely important point → The MB-339 is supported well as has already received updates with fixes, new paint schemes and so on. For Dino (Dev at IFT) a release is not the end of the process, he keeps tinkering and improving. The MB-339 as well as his Long-EZ (which is also great if one can live with the home built look).


Thanks for the insight. I like the slower jets, the F15 and F14 are very good but I much prefer to fly slower, and see the scenery.

The MB-339 ist not that fast. I usually cruise leisurely at 300-400 knots. In that sense its only roughly twice as fast a fast prop. It’s a joy of a machine though because it’s not extremely complex and offers great visibility to experience the scenery. And there are nice paint schemes for more or less all continents.

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