How often does the Xbox Marketplace update?

@Ant1975uk - Thanks for your assistance in diagnosing this here and via email. We will get to the bottom of it.


Same here. Restarted and I do have all Vessels content and only noticed the Anguilla, St Martin an St Barts area having activity.

Thanks @airborn - This helps us to diagnose the issue a lot.

I got the Goshawk.

I flew it 25 minutes so far…

It is nice.


Might be good to start a new thread in the issues area for this. Could be easier to track for others like me who are now holding off in their purchase till there is some positive outcomes. I also don’t want to purchase something that does not work as intended. Might not be an issue with the add on but if it’s a sim issue it would be good to know what could bring it to its full potential.

I think this is one of those must have add ons provided it works as advertised.


All - We’ll continue to update the Product Announcement post so please can we ask people to track the updates and issues there.

[UPDATE v 1.3.0] Vessels: Enhanced AI | Seafront Simulations - Third Party Addon Discussion / Product Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

[UPDATE v 1.2.6] Vessels: Global Shipping | Seafront Simulations - Third Party Addon Discussion / Product Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


Same issue here for me on XBOX… works fine and looks beautiful on my PC!! … in the matter of urgency, does this mean we are not going to wait 8 weeks for the update to be approved by the MS team!?


Same for me. Especially since they focus so much on airports and less on planes atm. And airports are of limited interest to me without proper airliners.

Isn‘t it very similar to the MB-339?

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No fault of the developers of these addons but I still can’t fathom out why it’s taking so long to bring new things to the Xbox marketplace to then have issues with them? If there was a delay but then they all work fine that would be fine but this really is not acceptable. Get me a cage because it’s clear we are all guinea pigs!

It is similar…
It is quicker and more responsive though.

Hi, anyone knows why the price in euro is the same amount as in dollar when the exchange rate is not 1-1? It is more expensive to buy from europe…
Thanks a lot.

It isn’t. US store prices are usually pre tax since the sales tax differs from state to state, often quite significantly.

Sales tax from European country to European country are different too though so some are getting a slightly better deal pre tax than others. In the end we all pay the same amount in € though where US customers get different outcomes depending on state.


Thanks a lot.

Anyone know if/when Aeroplane Heaven’s Lockheed Electra 10A will be on Xbox? I know it’s got issues (per the review vids I’ve seen) but I am tempted to fly it. - Thanks!

I wish it was a stronger effort because it is definitely my type of aircraft. Seeing as it’s niche and lower quality it’ll probably be out tomorrow…

All jokes aside, given we are still waiting for aircraft submitted 7-8 weeks ago, you can probably realistically be looking at 8 weeks if the developer decides to bring it to Xbox at all.

You’d think bringing products to Xbox would be low effort versus reward compared to the sunk costs of developing the aircraft but it appears MS and Asobo have attached a bunch of red tape and baggage to the process. Hopefully that is changing with the livestream Q&A comments and some more content the last couple weeks, but we’ll see.


Thursday is here and seems not much excitement surrounding what is going to drop this evening. If I see 25+ new content again I will have a big smile. At least push out what has been release for PC onto Xbox users and then focus on newer content not yet out on either platform.

I expect 24 new expensive airports and 1 updated airplane.


Im waiting so bad for the CS b777-300ER. Is supposed to be already in wait list :persevere: i hope they approve it soon