How often does the Xbox Marketplace update?

Check the description for global shipping. There is a note that „Improved KI“ is necessary as well (which cost another 12€….)
I think this ship addons are a bit overpriced….

And you need to download „Vessels:Core library“ which is for free.

So you need all 3 ship addons that it work probably ?

I think so yeah. I think there’s the base pack, ai pack, route pack for it all to work.

I think

Hi @DaveG30

Where abouts are you flying currently? Please can I ask you to try a flight from LXGB as a popular testing ground for Global Shipping - that will help determine if it has installed properly.

In terms of dependencies, the four packs available to Xbox have dependencies as follows:

Vessels: Anguilla, St Martin & St Barts requires the free Vessels Core Library (find it under the ‘FREE’ tab).

Vessels: Global Shipping requires Vessels: Enhanced AI (but Enhanced AI itself can be used standalone).

…so if you are only using the regional sceneries such as UK South East and Anguilla, St Martin & St Barts you’ll only need the free Vessels Core Library. Global Shipping uses a selection of the models used by Enhanced AI so is needed for Global Shipping.

Important: You should be setting your leisure boat, ship & ferry traffic sliders to 100% for the best experience.

Please reach out to us at

UPDATE - PLEASE READ: We are in contact with MS/Asobo about some issues that are affecting the MSFS Marketplace releases of Global Shipping and Enhanced AI.

  1. The MSFS Marketplace release of Enhanced AI is missing the required Visual Effects Library so wakes are not showing for Enhanced AI or Global Shipping. - The workaround is to download the free Vessels Core which includes the same Visual Effects and will be picked up by Enhanced AI and Global Shipping. This does not affect the OrbxDirect releases.

  2. Some users are not seeing Global Shipping or Enhanced AI at all on Xbox. We have verified that they work on the PC releases (Orbx and MSFS Marketplace) but are getting MS/Asobo assistance for XBox. It is worth rebooting (the device as well as the sim) to help force the sim to pick up the updates as well as ensuring leisure traffic, shipping and ferry sliders are at 100%.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused whilst we work this through with Microsoft/Asobo.


Thanks all. I do have all traffic set to 100%, and have restarted the sim and my Xbox a number of times. This is what I downloaded/purchased from the marketplace.

Vessels Core Library
Vessels Enhanced AI
Vessels Global Shipping
Vessels Anguilla, St Martin and St Barts

I have flown over Gibraltar, Port of Los Angeles, and the Chesapeake Bay around Norfolk and have seen no cargo ships.


Great news Chris. I know these should work off the bat but in my view this is not seafront issue.

Of course it helps if we buy it so we can figure it out!

Hi @DaveG30 - Thanks for confirming. We are working with MS/Asobo on this as a matter of urgency as you can understand and will report back on developments.


So I think they are starting to getting a higher number of products and updates out it seems, as Jörg mentioned in the Dev Q&A.
Nothing that spiked my interest, tbh.
But I think it’s a good sign the number of marketplace releases has grown over the last weeks.
Two more of the airports I bought on PC a while back came over to xbox.

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@Ant1975uk - Thanks for your assistance in diagnosing this here and via email. We will get to the bottom of it.


Same here. Restarted and I do have all Vessels content and only noticed the Anguilla, St Martin an St Barts area having activity.

Thanks @airborn - This helps us to diagnose the issue a lot.

I got the Goshawk.

I flew it 25 minutes so far…

It is nice.


Might be good to start a new thread in the issues area for this. Could be easier to track for others like me who are now holding off in their purchase till there is some positive outcomes. I also don’t want to purchase something that does not work as intended. Might not be an issue with the add on but if it’s a sim issue it would be good to know what could bring it to its full potential.

I think this is one of those must have add ons provided it works as advertised.


All - We’ll continue to update the Product Announcement post so please can we ask people to track the updates and issues there.

[UPDATE v 1.3.0] Vessels: Enhanced AI | Seafront Simulations - Third Party Addon Discussion / Product Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

[UPDATE v 1.2.6] Vessels: Global Shipping | Seafront Simulations - Third Party Addon Discussion / Product Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


Same issue here for me on XBOX… works fine and looks beautiful on my PC!! … in the matter of urgency, does this mean we are not going to wait 8 weeks for the update to be approved by the MS team!?


Same for me. Especially since they focus so much on airports and less on planes atm. And airports are of limited interest to me without proper airliners.

Isn‘t it very similar to the MB-339?

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No fault of the developers of these addons but I still can’t fathom out why it’s taking so long to bring new things to the Xbox marketplace to then have issues with them? If there was a delay but then they all work fine that would be fine but this really is not acceptable. Get me a cage because it’s clear we are all guinea pigs!

It is similar…
It is quicker and more responsive though.

Hi, anyone knows why the price in euro is the same amount as in dollar when the exchange rate is not 1-1? It is more expensive to buy from europe…
Thanks a lot.