How old is the scenery data

I was flying around near where I live and saw the start of a construction site, just bare, cleared, dirt. In reality the place is about to open, so I’m guessing the data is about 2 years old. anyone know how often they update the scenery? Not a complaint. Just curious.


i think the data are from 2015-2016

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There isn’t one answer to this question as it pretty literally depends on the location.

For instance, Tokyo’s photogrammetry is from September 2014, as I recognized a Destiny billboard that was up only then in Akihabara lol.

Another example is Naha airport in Okinawa. Half of it is from circa 2018 when the artificial island for the second runway was almost constructed. The other half is from before it was started in 2014. Spit right in the middle haha…

It really depends on where you are. Some is fairly new, some is fairly old.

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Mid Essex uk… around 6 years old. Pre house build and conversion.

South coast uk… Hastings around 12 months

South York’s… Doncaster uk… approx 18 months

They are clearly not the same as bing maps current online versions.

In my area, the image data is older (< 2016) than map data (< 2018) which sometimes resulted in a very interesting outcome (cars on grass, etc.).

I’m giving you an upvote for recognising that data are plural.

Well done, from a retired English Teacher.


Actually a little more complicated than what folks are saying here. Depends on the altitude of the data they are using as Bing actually has layers. In one spot that I’m personally aware of, the autogen building data is probably relatively curent. However, the ground texture it sits on is of the construction site of those buildings nearly 10 years ago. When I look at this spot in Bing Maps if I am at 250’ or above, the aerial imagery is of that 10 year old construction site. When I zoom in to 100’ the imagery changes to present day showing all of the buildings and parking lots etc.

For me in southeastern Wisconsin, United States, it’s about 7-8 years old. I’ve been living in a new build for nearly 7 years and you can’t even see the start of any construction in the sim.

You should take it up with MicroSoft for saying you can fly over your house when you cannot actually do so.

YearlingDeer319, I don’t quite follow what you mean that I should take it up with Microsoft. In the sim I flew over the spot in the subdivision that is where I live, and the landmarks are there. Of course I didn’t see my Morkie playing in the back yard in the Sim, but everything else was where it was supposed to be.

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I believe they used the old Bing data as a „base canvas“ to work with and are continuously updating from now on. However, the sim world will never be a „live“ world but rather at least around half a year old when the update arrives.