How Realistic is VR

Is this the famous F word? :innocent:

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It is now!


Our whole universe may actually be a 2-D hologram virtual reality because physicists found that some nature of the universe (like in black hole) is strangely 2-D like.

My recent VR experience only strengthened me with such belief. VR is exactly a fake but like-real 3D virtual reality which was projected to us in 2D through some clever programming. More computing power will eventually make VR made by us close enough to reality. Then combined with procedural generated universe (I strongly recommend any VR player to try The Space Engine game) and powerful AI (gosh it can already beat human in Go!),

in 20-30 years we may build a simulated VR universe with smart enough virtual population and simulated society. Then if we can simulate senses other than seeing and hearing, VR will create a world where real people can comfortably “dream in”. I already have a vision how VR can greatly help those people bound to bed by their illness or disability. Sooner or later even normal people may want to live in VR at least for a while. Some underprivileged may even want to live a more decent life in the VR world.

All these will all happen very soon because all we need now for better VR is calculation power (even for building nose, tongue or skin sensors), which we will surely gain much with more time. In comparison with other technical visions and revolutions such as automatic driving, VR is much more futuristic and philosophical.

Then suppose there’s already an advanced civilization, certainly building our universe in VR won’t be too hard, and they’ve probably already built many. This itself is already an argument why by mathematic probability, we have much higher chance to live in a VR universe than live in a real physical one.:slight_smile:

If our universe is indeed a VR, then lots of things can be explained much easier, including major religious gods, legends, and beliefs. Also, many fundamentals in physics will have better reasons, including the fixed speed of light (the information transmission speed limit for a VR) or quantum physics (limited calculation power won’t allow VR to simulate scales less than Planck Distance, and no reality will be calculated for you unless you actually observe anything to trigger the quantum collapse),…,etc.

Thanks to MSFS, I first time in my whole life see the true power and potential of VR, and believe more than ever that we all already live in a VR Matrix created by the Almighty.

Personally I think that augmented reality has some seriously weird (for lack of a better term) implications. It’s being used in military and law enforcement scenarios for training but takes on a twist like the video of the mother who lost her daughter at a very young age and seeing her “alive” in the room with her was, ugh. I don’t know. I don’t think I’d want to walk into the living room with my headset on and see my deceased family all sitting together on the sofa. On second thought, maybe it wouldn’t be THAT bad as it would be the first time I wouldn’t see them trading verbal jabs at one another.

I’ll tell you what - it’s a LOT easier (for me anyways) to fly in VR with a clickable cockpit than it is for me to fly one where you have to remember key commands and THEN do everything by feel on the keyboard.

Whether 2D or VR I only have things linked to rudder, stick/yoke, quadrant and peddles for basic flight parameters. Peddles are always in the same spot and as is everything else. Don’t see how anyone could forget where their hardware is placed as you would always be facing forward with feet on the peddles (or close by) unless of course your swiveling around in your chair and your orientation to you hardware gets skewed.

As a side note, one mistake I made on hardware was buying a “gaming mouse” as the old Logitech finally gave out. Sweet Lord ■■■■■…if you so much as breathed it sent the curser clear across the desktop - and that was at its lowest sensitivity setting. Talk about feeling old. I can’t image gaming in anything with the sensitivity cranked up let alone trying to position the curser on a cockpit landing light switch. Going back to a “regular” run of the mill Logitech once again made all the difference - and further enforced how ancient I truly am.

@UncleanerLeaf4, you’re onto something even closer than you might think. In fact I wrote a whitepaper about the whole subject, which can be found here.



@UncleanerLeaf4, you’re onto something even closer than you might think. In fact I wrote a whitepaper about the whole subject, which can be found here.


Very interesting article and I have come across the theory before although admittedly not in as much detail as you presented. Yes, I actually did read it all believe it or not! Where are my three gold stars?

Don’t want to get too off topic here but after reading your addendum philosophy 101 ‘thing’ I wondered if you might find the book ‘Three Magic Words’ (published 1954) by Uell Stanley Anderson a good read or some books by Wayne Dyer?

Now back to flight sim, VR and the thread before I get flagged.

I am a VR newbie of a few weeks and finding VR very immersive. Getting good fps (about 45) but textures obviously not as crisp as 2d. Despite my previous comments that the devs should have concentrated on other issues first I have not simmed in 2d now for well over a week, so maybe that says something.

VR has a long way to go but the possibilities are almost endless and it is certainly imo the future of gaming. I’ve got 3 great PC monitors here. Any offers anybody? :slightly_smiling_face:


Right on. Can only give one ‘like’ but these remarks deserve more. Big Brother is watching … and is called Facebook.


That’s a very interesting and well written paper. Thanks for sharing. Ironic that Schrodinger didn’t believe in the supeposition theory and came up with the ‘cat’ concept to controvert it! As a humble engineer, I prefer not to venture beyond Newtonian mechanics.

And to get back on topic … does this mean that VR is just a really poor imitation of VR?

@Kayembee370, thanks for the kind words. Regrettably, however, I am fresh out of gold stars. But as out there as the simulation theory sounds the first time you might run across it, once you start digging deep into the science, it becomes kind of a no brainer. In fact, several bonafide PHd level physicists I’ve spoken to about it (I am entirely self taught), have reacted by saying essentially, “No, duh.”

One would think it would be more widely known, but it destroys so many human paradigms (especially those relating to religion) that there’s considerable opposition for those who are simply not ready for it.

If you’re getting 45 fps inside of a VR session, you’re doing considerably better than I am. I’m running an overclocked (all-core 4.9GHz) 10600K with an overclocked (+175/+1000) RTX 2070 Super. I get 25-30 fps (as measured by MSI afterburner) and it seems perfectly useable, and by using @CptLucky8’s advice on setups, it’s quite smooth and probably about as sharp as it’s gonna get until software enhancements and optimizations come along that help, or I simply get more powerful gear.

I can’t possibly agree more. And with MSFS specifically, this is all a 1.0 release, so a few patches and optimizations and it’s going to improve dramatically without the need to go out and spend a fortune on new gear.

As far as your (now) excess monitors, I’m afraid the best I could offer would be to pay the freight to have you send me one. But I promise to find a way to put it to good use if you do!


While, I actually think the possibility of us living in a VR Universe actually strengthened my religious belief. And it makes me more longing for a true paradise as described in below verses:

“He will wipe every tear from their eyes… And the One seated on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.” “

@UncleanerLeaf4, to say that the “revelation” that our Universe is a digital VR that our outside consciousness experiences as reality strengthens your belief that our consciousnesses survive what we call death is one thing. To say “It makes me believe XYZ religion even more”, when XYZ religions were mostly created by men to enforce behavior standards on other men by fear, with no knowledge of the science we have today, is quite another.



Thank you for sharing your thoughts! You almost lost me reading the rest when you started separating the consciousness and the rest but I kept reading it to the end :slight_smile:

However I’d beg to differ a little about the virtual and the real dichotomy formulation, maybe just because of the semantics and the conveyed concepts behind the semantics which is counter-proving some of your reasoning IMHO. Whatever the physical reality of the world we’re living in, the physical properties we’re observing as as real as any, because these are real properties of the world as we’re perceiving it and we’ve no mean saying otherwise. Even if we could extend our reach and define higher properties encompassing those we’ve already defined, it wouldn’t make the lower ones less real. These are just real properties of the universe at the level of consciousness we’re formulating them. Don’t get me wrong I understand you’re point (I guess) but there is no dichotomy at all. To keep it simple, typhoons could have been attributed to a higher design willingness to punish non-worshippers in destructing their goods. Raising our consciousness to knowing meteorology is giving a simpler and more encompassing understanding and explanation. Yet, at both levels, typhoons are still destructing our goods whatever the level of consciousness you’re looking at it and in both cases, this is real to the observer at his/her level of consciousness.

PS: AFAIK the time quanta theory is only unproven for now though (although it makes a lot of sense when compared to the linear time theory).

[update: I wrongly replied-to @Kayembee370]


Reminds me of most people complaining about P3D3 OOM and longing to get P3D4… :crazy_face:

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me too! :slight_smile:

The truth is: if we indeed live in a VR universe, then science in this VR can only let us guess what reality may be like, but will never give us all the answers. Religion or spirituality is most human’s natural answer to something they know is well beyond their own reach. AND religious events like miracles or messiah figures may even be tools that VR programmer/player used to pass important information or message to us.

Just put yourself in the seat of a VR universe programmer or player. What would you do to “enlighten” people in that VR world? My own answer would be 1) sending someone special; 2) directly sending the message (which would be seen in VR as a miracle); 3) giving their scientists more hints and better luck for breakthrough discovery. Either option makes it’s own sense and is better used for different purposes.

Switching on the light maybe? (although it won’t enlighten anyone willingly wearing a blindfold…)

Having said this I have a feeling this discussion will soon derail from the subject though, so I’ll stop commenting about the philosophical aspect of VR and try staying on the rail of the OP.


That would be a supernova happened in our proximity. :slight_smile:

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That’s okay. Not a problem :slightly_smiling_face:

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It could be also like this: you are the only one who exists and the whole world around you is just your dream. :grinning: