How’s your CRJ experience going?

A bit disappointed with my purchase of the CRJ today. After purchase I completed 2 short flights, only issues seemed to be user error with AP. Now I cannot get airborne when I try a new flight. Aircraft spawns in on runway and all systems turn off immediately. Have not successfully got the engines restarted using key short cut or manual ignition. Battery turns back on but not all avionics screens work. I would like to know anyone else’s experience has been?


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It’s never a good idea to start a new flight without restarting the sim. For a million reasons, you don’t want to do that.

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I’ve always had success starting a new flight without rebooting the sim, but I’ll see if it makes a difference.


No checklist!

I actually had the P3D version of the CRJ, but even still the MSFS version is still really hard to fly. But I am enjoying the challenge.

ILS approaches all worked for me, it’s just sometimes hard to manage all of that and also keep an eye on your speeds, needs a very vigilant eye to be flown right.
My Thrustmaster TCA addon isn’t working with it right now, which adds to the difficulty, but I still love this thing. Gonna be a pretty cool but stressful vatsim experience.

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There are more checklists than you can shake a stick at. They’re not integrated with checklist featue of the sim itself, but they are hyper-detailed and massive. Go into the CRJ folder in your Community folder then Data and Documentation and you’ll find a bunch of PDFs from a full two part manual to a tutorial and a “quick start guide”.

ALSO, click on the EFB (tablet) on the left side of the cockpit and you’ll find all the checklists there.


There is one in your Documentation folder, as well as one on the in-game EFB. And attached here for reference.

Vol4_Normal Ops Checklist.pdf (181.6 KB)


I’m enjoying it. If you want to send me some more details of what you’re experiencing - I’ve personally not run into that and I’ve been using it for over a week now.

One recommendation I would make is to start your controller profiles from fresh with this aircraft. I noticed some strange behaviours with mine when I first set it up using my other bind set.

This checklist is kind of useless, because it does not describe how to do anything. For example, it says “APU… ON” but does not tell you how to turn on the APU. The Vol 3. Tutorial pdf seems more useful.

Well, no, it doesn’t tell you how to turn the APU on, because that’s not what a flight checklist is designed to do. It’s not an instruction manual, it’s a checklist.

If you want to know HOW to do something, you need to read the manual or tutorial. Reading a checklist is not a replacement for learning how the plane’s systems work.


That’s how real checklist are, and was in response to your “No Checklist!” comment. It has multiple.

Sounds like you were looking for the Vol3_tutorial.PDF that you found.


I havent checked the airplane yet but started the sim and look around the aircraft. The textures are the same as FSX… nothing compared with the Asobo default aircraft where textures are superb. I really hope 3rd parties dont only migrate but renew the textures…


On the 500 model I cannot seem to start the engines. The “start” right engine button is marked “stop” for some reason (but not in the documentation). I am following the instructions, the starter button just does nothing.

Have you been able to repeat the problem? I had an issue with some buttons not working earlier but they worked upon starting a new flight from menu. Another user suggested checking the status on the aircraft EFB and that helped me with a different issue.

If you select an IFR route from the world map, the IFR plan will NOT be loaded into your FCS!

I have tried four flights, I have had four CTDs. All while changing things in the AP.

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I have been experiencing the same issue with IFR route not being loaded in FCS

What are your FPS in the CRJ? I currently get around 30-40 I remember someone said they get same fps as Airbus, however I get LOT less than thaT (around 10-15 fps less).

I’m VERY underwhelmed with the performance, could anyone post their fps please!


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