How’s your CRJ experience going?

Very cool, but on another level and assumes you have a friend who is equally as much into flight sims and the same plane and that you’d like to spend many virtual hours staring at an Airbus dash with them :smiley:

I did a quick test flight from KPHX-KSAN last night. Overall, I really enjoyed having a solid quality aircraft to fly.

The only issue I came about had to do with VNAV (I enabled VNAV coupling for this flight). On the LUCKI 1 arrival into KSAN, there are several altitude restraints (at MOMAR, DSURT, and TRIXI). I found the VNAV to dive-bomb to meet the floor altitude restriction. For example, a few miles before MOMAR, I would be at FL250. It would then nosedive to meet FL240, even though I was within the altitude restraints.

Anyway, looking forward to flying this aircraft more!

What does the VNAV Coupling option do?

hello again! i now have reinstalled msfs and it still doesnt work,but i now have this work folder and i have followed the directory you gave me. i have multiple files in there startin with m but not all you have

Identical for me.
A big drop in FPS when using the CRJ.
It is almost unplayable.

In case it helps my specs are on the low end and the CRJ is completely flyable.
i5 9400, 16gb, 1080 gtx.
Around 25 fps on high settings (nothing in ultra of course)

My specs are i5-9600K, RTX2060 and 32GB ram.
Both CPU and GPU are overclocked.
Fps dropped under the 30 fps with lots of stutters.
I have 40 fps average with the A32NX and 48 fps with standard A320.

As far as I understand, it adds a “VNAV” button on the AP panel. Without VNAV coupling, you have to use V/S mode to follow the advisory VNAV path provided on the PFD. With VNAV coupling, you can enable VNAV and the AP will follow the profile automatically, without the need to manually be setting VS. (Not a CRJ pilot, this is only how I understand it)

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This is a problem with the current Sim Update 3. After the hotfix it should run better

What hotfix? Link?

Unfortunately no official date, but ASOBO said that they are aware of the bug and “are working on it”
Edit: I am expecting to get more info about this matter in todays development update.

I haven’t confirmed this myself yet but another user mentioned that disabling AI traffic prevents these CTDs for Carenado planes at least.

Going iffy so far. FPS not super great because as some have figured out, it does not get affected by the sim’s glass refresh setting. The EFB only loads fuel in the sim but can’t change passenger and cargo values. And then there’s the reverse thrust issue where those of us without a reverse axis are stuck using the keybind that just instantly applies full reverse instead.

Around the 1hr 11min 25sec mark in this video, Jorg mentions there may be a Hotfix, depending on how things go. Hopefully can be worked in, but haven’t heard any more regarding it.


Trimm button on yoke doesn’t work for me. Anybody else having this problem?
Many thanks.

To you and everyone. This is a study level plane. Unless you fly a CRJ 500-700 in real life you will have to read the manual. There is no way around it. Your plane shut off on respawning because thats what MSFS study level planes do. They are meant to be very realistic. You have to set the startup conditions on the EFB like "Cold & Dark " or “Turnaround”. If you had selected turnaround on your last flight the engines would have been off but most systems would have been on. All this is in the manual.

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FPS on par with A32NX. Poor VR displays readability with my Rift S (100% rendering scale).
Impossible to read the ALT digits set on the MFD while turning the MCP knob. By zooming in with the right mouse button then I cannot operate the ALT knob. Had better expectations with VR.

So far I love this plane, a great joy to fly and (try to) control. Spend quite some time reading manuals, and watching Filbert Flies 1hr quick CRJ flight, setting useful cockpit viewpoints, making sure throttles etc are working, and now it is going wonderfully well. Did 2 succesful flights yesterday, with some minor pilot induced errors on the approach.

The Filbert Flies 1hr buy and fly video is great to get up and running quickly.

Did you click „Set Payload in Simulator“ After changing passenger and cargo?

Hot fix?

Asobo and also the 3th party devs needs to do something about it, because with the A32NX I get a drop of fps and with the CRJ even more.
It’s also not possible to upgrade my GPU in the near future, because there is no card to buy for a reasonable price and there is nothing in stock. :cry: