How seriously do you take your flight simming?

Very seriously, if I crash the plane in the sim, I die in real life.


A: Yes, I beer sim.
B: I fly GA VFR mostly, so ‘high’ on approach doesn’t mean much. If I’m high I’ll do a forward slip, or if that isn’t going to work I’ll do a 360 or S turns to extend the approach. Or land long. All are often perfectly legitimate real world solutions depending on the field and how busy it is. I have to butcher it pretty bad to go around.

C: I never disregard AI, instead I disable it. I don’t like the AI (Authentic Idiocy) traffic at all because it doesn’t integrate with the in game ATC anyhow. If I want to play all legit and have other traffic in my sim I use VATSIM. When using Vatsim, most of what I said above is no longer true… I try to be a good serious pilot on the network and not one of the jerks who mess it all up. I rarely use the ingame multiplayer.


I’m a filthy casual who celebrates whenever my landing rate is less than -600 (-579 fpm? Butter!). I confess to having a drink or two while flying my virtual passengers, divebomb approaches (‘cause we ain’t got time for no go around), and attempting to see what the inside of that Cessna sitting on the runway really looks like. That said, I have gone around when I really screwed the pooch on approach, and I am working in my technique to improve things such as landing rate, centerline placement, and landing within the touchdown zone as opposed to 2/3 of the way down the runway.

Option non of the above

Drink some soda and do regional aircraft routes in a 747 or 787 :slight_smile: and blast 90’s country hits while in flight so meanwhile Skywest 448 heavy requesting clearance to land :slight_smile:

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I just let the AI pilot fly while I drink ha ha.


A. Take a flight whilst under the influence of alcohol?
Is there any other way to fly? There’s a reason I do this instead of flying real airplanes. :slight_smile:

B. If coming in too high/fast just think ‘to heck with it’ and try and land anyway?
I feel like you’ve been watching my landings, and I feel attacked. I mean, all the PAPI lights are supposed to be white, yes?

C. Disregard AI aircraft on the runway and either go over or around them?
At the moment, there is no penalty for me flying or taxiing through another airplane. I shall continue my abhorrent ways. One caveat though, and that is if I am flying VATSIM, I will obey instructions from ATC. Generally.


I don’t drink. But in terms of taking it seriously, I don’t at all. I frequently fly too low, too fast, and overall too dangerously. But that’s what I like. Buildings exist for us to fly in between them :rofl:

Even some of my less wild flights usually involve me doing something I shouldn’t do. You gotta have fun with it.

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Nah, nah and nah. I fly the sim like I fly in real life. I even do engine runups, flight control checks, etc. Always on Vatsim with live weather and traffic.

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A. Smashed
B. I got this!
C. HEY &^$%@! I’m taxiing here!

If a real-world training video exists on something ‘required’ to get any kind of real-world flight license then I will drill that, over and over.

While I may never go out and get real training or fly for real I want to learn and know as much as I can.

I started getting serious with FSX Stem ed, Dovetail’s Flight Sim World and Dovetail’s Flight School. In the years after that up to the release of MSFS, YouTube videos on real-world Flight Training and FAA regulations ran 24/7 even while I slept. Some, over and over until it sunk in.

I’m finally up to manually using MCDU/FMCs, the FlyByWire A320 and am interested in more study-level aircraft.
With all that I’m still very nervous about using VATSIM and doing ATC Voice Coms and wish MSFS would use something like IBM WATSON or whatever to do ATC responses.
I still could use a lot more learning on FAA regs and on things like E6B which have yet to be simulated in any flight simulation training at all.

I was hoping MSFS would bring back COMBAT so I can now start learning about combat flying, arms and systems and not have to go to DCS World. Alas. I have had to as there is a spitting mad attitude towards combat either from the producers or from people with great influence over MSFS.

I’d rather be here.
Apologies for such a long answer beyond A, B, and C.

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A. Dont drink
B. Go around
C. Yes.

Oh, I take it very seriously. Running through the day’s flight lesson in FSX after a training flight IRL was an integral part of my flight training.

Because of this, every time I get into MSFS, I really try to behave as I do when I’m flying the real thing:

No pants.
Batman mask on.
Plate of microwaved nachos in my lap.
Turn on the autopilot at 300 AGL so I can leave the pilot’s seat to use the bathroom.

As real as it gets.


A: Never. Not because I take it suuuuper seriously, but because I handle it very poorly. Same for racing games, can’t perform well even under the influence of just a can of beer, so I’d rather skip it entirely.

B: Nope, I like to aim for soft landings, as a self-challenge. High G landings are always a shame to me.

C: Ok, that’s the kind of thing I will ignore… But I almost always contact ATC before landing so that’s not a frequent issue.

Good answer!

A. I don’t drink.

B. I fly for a VA, so my landing rate matters. I’ll go around if necessary.

C. I have all aircraft traffic turned off because it’s so bad, it feels more realistic to be the only aircraft in the world.

If I’m not doing a flight tracked by my VA, I’ll fly more casual. This is usually the case if I’m doing some bush flying.

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yes perfect answer
If i’m flying airliners at major airports using AIG i will queue to take off ( i’m British we love queueing )
but on landing AI sucks more and i cant wait 30 mins for a plane to exit runway

That´s some interesting questions…

a) The times of enjoying a full bottle of Jägermeister, Queen Margot, Baileys or Nussler liqueur daily are unfortunately over because of health reasons. But yes I did videogames when being drunk, R-Type, Alien Isolation… Especially Witcher 3 simulating some good Witcher potions with small Jägermeister bottles.
I always got a very good and funny mood when being drunk, and I did the same things as being sober (except driving of course *ggg)
But I don´t remember flying while being drunk because I always get in Witcher 3 mood.

b) I cannot land an aircraft by hand that´s why it never comes in too high or to fast, but always perfectly on ILS or simulated FLS glideslope :smiley:
If it is too fast there is a nice speedbrake lever that comes in handy. No aircraft cannot fly too fast for long because all damages are always switched on on ultra-realism settings.

c) I don´t care about AI aircraft in any way, this is decoration just as the ships cars ferrys etc. in the sim. And there too look nice and make the airports look active and realistic. But it´s entertaining to watch what the TCAS does when traffic comes close in the air.
I honestly don´t know if this simulator has a collision detection because I have never crashed into another plane on the ground or in the air, but it probably has so it would be a bad idea trying to drive through other planes on the runway. Or a looooooong loading time and doing the whole MCDU-programming anew awaits…


A: One beer or one wine is okay but i’m not flying after an evening of drinking because i fly on Vatsim and that would be a bad combination.
B: Go Around and try new
C: i dont use AI Traffic because of Vatsim

A. Take a flight whilst under the influence of alcohol? Absolutely, I am in my living room not a real cockpit, how much scotch can one consume and still be able to land?

B. If coming in too high/fast just think ‘to heck with it’ and try and land anyway?* Depends short runway? I will go around. Bringing a Cessna onto a 8000+ foot runway? I will probably put it down even if it is a little hard

C. Disregard AI aircraft on the runway and either go over or around them? If you do not disregard the AI aircraft you will probably run out of fuel and crash long before the runway is clear.

I do attempt to do things closer to real life than not, but it is a sim and enjoyment will come in ahead of realism.


If I have pause the flight I end it, If I have to go into a menu screen I end it, If it is <6 hours flight I dont leave the cockpit unless its toilet or food. I will do some kind of movement however in the room, press ups a bit of FITXR on the oculus.

If it is > 6 hours I will get on with things but keep on eye on things. I take it serious, every flight has a plan or a mission and I plan as I would if if I was a real pilot and try to treat every flight as such.

A. Don’t drink really

B. if I am the DH and it is unstable, Go Around

C. Disregard mostly as by the time I have gone around they are usually still there anyway. Only in other sims for now, as the AI actually move faster than a dead tortoise.

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A: I don’t drink but might have flown under the influence of other substances.
B: If I think I can side slip enough to get it down safely, then yes.
C: No. I’ll happily go around. I actually enjoy a good go-around.

A.) I personally am trying to break Wade Boggs record while piloting the plane on a cross-country flight.