How sturdy is the Bravo?

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I have a Bravo and regularly switch between profiles (single engine, multi-engine, etc). I am somewhat reticent to keep pulling the levers off and connecting them again. Does anyone know how durable this thing is? I would have to imagine this kind of usage was expected by the developer, but I don’t really know. Anyone have any idea? Are you guys doing the same with yours?


I swap my levers around pretty often. I just try to be careful and pull them directly up and push them directly down. The plastic on plastic provides a pretty smooth sliding surface so I don’t see wear as being an issue. The other thing I do that I recommend is to make sure all the components stay clean of debris. If you have anything stuck inside the level or on the throttle connection and you start pulling and pushing it will wear down the plastic eventually leading to a sloppy fit.

If anyone else has any care or preventive maintenance ideas, I would be interesting in hearing those. I love this thing and want to keep it around a long time. Especially considering how hard it is to get one right now.

Something else I should have added - I ALWAYS use the covers on the throttle connections when a lever isn’t attached, and ALWAYS store the unused levers in the box they came in. You really want to limit exposure to moisture and the atmosphere as best as possible to prevent oxidation of any exposed copper.


I do the same! I figure they made it with the anticipation that people would making changes pretty often. But good tips!

Yes…I do the same…bit of a nuisance but I think the effort to cover them is worth while. My wife also made a removable material cover to go over the Alpha and the Bravo to stop dust attacking anything…

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I try to make sure I have a grip on the base before pulling off the levers, slowly but firmly directly upwards while making sure not to stress the unit since the clamps are a few inches away from the lever axis.

I don’t put the covers on for unused levers unless I’m leaving the unit idle for a while, but it wouldn’t hurt to (should reduce dust getting in). :smiley:

(My biggest concern has been the switches; sometimes one of the switches will not respond for a bit, but seems to clear up after switching it firmly but gently a number of times. This could indicate dust or debris blocking the switch contacts, then getting worked out.)

Get some of this and put it on the switch contacts…deoxit spray selections - CAIG use very little, it will make the contacts work better. FWIW

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