How to add blend model to an aircraft

Hello! We have already finished our .blend blender models of the project A33N A330neo! Now we want to add the blender model into an aircraft. How do I do this? Is there a certain location? Please answer ASAP as project has due date. Thank you in advance.


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Thank you.

You have to export the model via the freeware blender plugin. Then create a new MSFS project, load in the 3d model, all the animations, etc. Then config the airplane via the config files, program all the airplane systems, program all the buttons and their internal variables, etc.

When is the due date? Because normally these actions will take around a year or so.

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I recommend this series of tutorials: MSFS: Development Series (Episode 1) - YouTube

Where can I get the blender plugin?

Oh. I just want to finish the project early.