How to add new POI / landmarks (like cities)?


Is there a way to add custom persistent POIs (through new scenery or whatever…) ?
I would like to mark all the biggest villages around my house as POI (with their name).

I’ve downloaded the SDK, and tried the developper mode a bit, but didn’t see any “POI” marker in the scenery editor.


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Also interested in an answer. I`d like to add the main sights in a city to fly a “sightseeing tour”.

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Hey guys. I haven’t dug deeper into the SDK. I love the markers showing the name of airports or POIs while flying. Is it possible to do the same for other landmarks? like, name of lakes or rivers, name of little towns, mountains and so on ??? I am considering looking into it but I have limited time and I don’t want to spend a whole week learning stuff and discover in the end it is impossible. What do you think?

It’s been a month and I’m wondering if anyone has figured this out yet? It SHOULD be as simple as adding some kind of marker object to an SDK project where you want it (or a few hundred of them), and sticking that build in community - but aside from creating a bunch of placeholder airports to mark locations, that’s not it. (But I’d really like it if it could be).

I’ve spent a good while looking through the files for a big csv of locations with their lat/long/alt which would also seem like a logical way of having landmarks/cities show on the map or in-game. But I’ve not found anything.

Pretty frustrating since it would be very nice to have most moderately sized towns+ marked as well as points of interest, and it wouldn’t be at all complicated to add this en masse per country if we knew where the data goes.

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There is a way to put markers in with the current SDK, and I have been doing it with my airstrip constructions, and similarly for towns around my home base - just like the original poster. I am not on that computer now, but it is part way down the object library, like landmark or something like that and has three options. The options are:
City - use for human population congregations (haha)
Fauna - use for animals (I have been placing polar bears around the arctic where I have seen them)
POI - for all other objects, like islands, bays, buildings, etc…

Why not use a map? GPS?

I’m not gonna show you how to build a project as I assume you know that already.

Put a file like this in your project scene folder, and you can pretty much fill it up with whatever you want.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<FSData version="9.0">
	<LandmarkLocation instanceId="{4A8BF6EE-D5ED-49B4-AA7D-A5F415C77CC9}" type="POI" name="Svalbard Satellite Station" lat="78.23019256211613" lon="15.39457903785395" alt="453.63913040328771"/>
	<LandmarkLocation instanceId="{58008F79-5684-46AB-BBE7-65A8D53707DA}" type="POI" name="Svalbard Global Seed Vault" lat="78.23485887508610" lon="15.49099404793616" alt="179.42579111550003"/>
	<LandmarkLocation instanceId="{E515B560-4AFC-4012-9C62-4967655351C2}" type="POI" name="Svalbard Mine 3" lat="78.23821487823123" lon="15.44665829981301" alt="171.39409215934575"/>

GUID’s must be unique. Create a bunch of them here and use those :slight_smile: