How to add System Video Memory

Does anyone know an easy way to add system video memory? I’ve gone through the rededit process I followed from a youtube tutorial to add dedicated system memory, however, I still get the "system non-compatible due to system video memory being at 0.

I’ve got plenty of Ram and dedicated video memory but wondering if adding system video memory will help?

What GPU do you have?

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Thanks. I have Intel® HD Graphics 620. Does that help?

Unfortunately, that GPU probably won’t provide any playable framerate even if you did get past the 0 video memory issue. : ( The minimum requirements for state that an AMD Radeon RX 570 or an NVIDIA GTX 770 is the minimum GPU that should be used with MSFS. If you look at this site you can see that the intel HD 620 is about 700 percent slower than the minimum recommended GTX 770, or 800 percent slower than the RX 570. : /

Regarding that memory issue though, its showing up because the 620 does in fact have no video memory, I believe. Its an integrated graphics processor which means it is on the same chip as the CPU, and it shares the same standard DDR3/DDR4 system memory that everything else uses. High performance GPUs (Like the ones that Microsoft/Asobo recommend) are completely separate devices and have their own special type of dedicated memory (like GDDR5 for example) that’s optimized for graphics workloads. Thats the kind of memory that MSFS is complaining about you not having enough of.

Thank you so much for the support!