How to adjust Focus using VR: Occulus Rift S?

Hello all.

I’ve been using MSFS2020 with TR-5. Enjoyed every moment of it.

Just installed Rift S hardware on my PC. MSFS is even better in the 3D environment.

Am posting to ask those who know:

Is there a way to adjust the Focus while using VR to fly the sim?

Thank you.

Focus in any VR headset is per the headset directions/instructions. Many don’t have focus adjustments or you set the distance from eye to lens mechanically.

In sim there are ways to change the image resolution/clarity but that is different from focus.

Not that I know of

Thank you for the feedback.

Looks like the available adjustments are image resolution/clarity settings.
Rift S mechanical visual focus does not improve focus adequately.

Resolution & Clarity adjustments may help (viewing the display readouts on the panel in the cockpit
is still somewhat diffused/lacking sharp definition).

Experiment with those now.