How to assign Reverse Thrust on Thrustmaster HOTAS for the A320?

Hello, Can somebody please let me know if it is possible to assign reverse thrust to my TM HOTAS which has a detent on the throttle which would work as a reverse thrust.

I have assigned “throttle 1&2 decrease” and it seems to activate the reverse thrust on the detent, but only at 20% thrust.

Where do I find the assigned keys that will activate full reverse thrust while putting the HOTAS throttle on the detent for reverse thrust?

Hope this makes sense. Sorry my English is not too good.

Any help is appreciated.


Well, full reverse thrust on the A320 is technically 20%. At least that’s what shown on the virtual cockpit when you hover your mouse and manually set the reverse to full. Is that what you mean?

Which Thrustmaster HOTAS that you have. They have many HOTAS model, I want to ask which specific model of HOTAS that you have so I can have a look at what’s possible.

Generally if your thrust lever can be pulled back even further from the IDLE point into reverse. You should bind the throttle to use 0% - 100% Throttle axis and set the neutral point in your sensitivity to set where the idle point is, and where the reverse starts. But even on Full reverse thrust, whether using a HOTAS or throttle quadrant, or even manually pulling the thrust lever back with the mouse click. It will only show 20% on the mouse cursor tooltip. But the engine itself is usually giving much more than that.

If you are referring to the Warthog Hotas, the aft detent positions are not an axis. They are actually detected as a button press. You could make a profile on the Thrustmaster software that makes one of those buttons repeat an F2 keystroke. But then you need to make another button (other than the ones used) on the throttle to do an F1 keystroke. That way, when you move the throttles as far back as they go, full reverse will be commanded. But when you come back to idle over the stops, you have to press that button to bring thrust back to idle.

I know it’s not what you want to do, but I recommend just setting a button press set to the “toggle reverse thrust” in the controls settings. When at idle, use that toggle, move throttles full forward will give you full reverse. When done, bring throttles to idle, press the toggle again. Now you have forward thrust.

The benefit is you can control the amount of thrust and modulate as needed, even for turboprops. Which comes very handy.

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This is what I do. I set the red push button on the left throttle to toggle reverse thrust. It works well enough. Not perfect, but it feels pretty natural once you get used to it.

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Question is there a key bind for VNV or Vnav. And what is it called and whats the button

I have the TM Hotas X and I’ve key-bound button 7 (your thumb naturally rests on it) on the throttle axis to repeat F2.
The moment you release the button and slide the throttles slightly forward, Reversers are cancelled and you’re back to Idle. I find that works very well in both the Airbus and Boeing.

Can you pls explain how you assign repeat f2 to the 7 keybutton (isn’t it the one used to aem autopilot?)? Thks!

By the way, I think that mine is the TM Throttle Quadrant.

You just need to go to the Control settings, and rebind Button 7 to Reverse Thrust (Hold) or something like that. Then when you land, you hold that button and push the throttle forward to engage the reverse thrust, then pull back to idle, release button 7 and it should be back to forward thrust now.

You can rebind all keys in your control, you know. If one is used for autopilot and you want to change it to other button, you can just change it.

Me personally, I get rid of the default profile in my HOTAS, I start from a completely blank profile and I assign the commands to each buttons manually to make it work the way I want it to.

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Count me in for deleting ALL key assignments and starting again to build only what I need.

Thank you very much for your quick reply & the clarification.
Sorry about the ask, but how concretely can I bind f2 (thrust reverse, right?) to my Throttle Quadrant button?

You can just click on the command called “HOLD THROTTLE REVERSE THRUST” and it will open another window. Then press the button in your throttle quadrant to bind it.

Now, your button in the throttle quadrant will always engage the reverse thrust as long as you hold it. So when you land, pull the throttle back to IDLE, on touchdown, press this button and hold it. Then push the throttle forward to increase the reverse thrust. Then pull back the throttle to bring it back to idle. And release the button, this should switch to forward thrust again.

Is this a function available from within MSFS 2020? Or do I need to download Trust Master’s sw for this?

It’s a common practice. it’s standard everywhere. Select the command you want to bind, then press the button on the joystick, and voila, that command is now bound to that button. No need for extra software. MSFS has this function available from within since launch. This is a common method of rebinding commands/keys with your controls everywhere. It works in MSFS, I’ve used the same method for Star Wars Squadrons.

It will be fine if you don’t reply (I have already asked for a lot), but this reads like new stuff for me, as I never did this.
Where in MSFS do I select the command from? If I do it on the control panel for the throttle, 1) I don’t see where to enter it & 2) it does not find it from wherever I have tried to enter it.
If i should do it from within the Throttle’s Game Controller Dialog Box, I first need to install the driver. Will that not conflict with my current setup (I did initially plug in the throttle device and used whatever options were available by default)?
My apologies if this request sounds basic, but I am not a hugely expert PC user.

So in MSFS from the main menu, go to the Options, then Control.
You should see your different input hardware on the list, your Thrustmaster HOTAS would be visible as well. Select that hardware and it will show all the bound commands. By default, this is only showing the assigned commands, which is the ones that’s already bound. It’s not showing all of the possible commands in the sim.

On the left side of the screen, you should see the filter, and it’s showing “Assigned”. You need to change this to “All”. And the filter will show every single command that’s available in the sim. So you’ll see a lot of commands and they’re empty as they’re not bound to any button yet.

On the left side on the filter, you should also see a search function as well. In the search box, just type in “Hold Throttle Reverse Thrust” and you should see the command shown on the list, just empty without any bound buttons.

Click on that “Hold Throttle Reverse Thrust” command, and it will bring another box. Click on the empty box in the middle to start the binding, then press the button on your Thrustmaster HOTAS that you want to use to hold for reverse thrust. You should see the “Joystick Button #” in the box. Just click OK, and apply and save the control. And that’s it, that button is now bound to the hold throttle reverse thrust command.

Done! Will try it tonight.
Thanks for your patience & making me smarter!

Confirmed by now. It works well, indeed. Very happy. Thks again!