How to browse models?

This may be too much of a beginner question, but how does one browse models in packages? There are hundreds Asobo building and hangars. Just picking by name in the object browser doesn’t seem feasible.

I don’t think there’s a way to do it - or at least I’m with you and I haven’t found a way myself. I’ve just had to click, add, examine, delete, and repeat. Some object libraries that you download (those made by colinj on for example) include a PDF that details each selection.

I’d be really happy if someone corrected me though!

Oh boy, lol!

I tried seeing if there were any online imagemaps or something like that. There has to be some way as it could add days/weeks on development time trying to pick through it all.

The above download listed all the default assets at the time

The fs-base library is not really that huge, but yeah, sometimes take less time to design an object from scratch rather than searching through the objects :wink:

As a workaround to browse the objects, check “one-click placing” on the objects window.

You should be able to click through the objects and get a preview in engine.