How to change time on location

Hello I cant figure out how to change the time on location. Please advise. Thanks

Open up the weather options window, you can change time and weather there.

What Andy said.

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Move you mouse near the top of the screen and from the weather menu you can change the time and date. Some activities will not allow this menu to appear, for example if you have live weather enabled for the session and or live traffic and other players, that will also stop you from changing the date and time.

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Thanks! Would not have found that myself :+1:t2:

Thanks guys its working now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::+1:t2:


Oh one more question, how do I increase and decrease simulation rate?

Dont know never used it in MSFS. You can jump to various points in the flight, but I forgot how, it’s been a long while since I tested that. It’s probably in the top menu somewhere.