How to control the camera as seen in this video?


can someone please tell me how I need to setup my controls to move the camera as seen in this video between 02:00 - 02:20 ? I think thats an awesome way to control the camera :slight_smile:


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To me, it looks like they are using an Xbox controller, with the left and right joysticks, in external view mode.

At least that is the way it is done in racing games. I have never tried it but watched a few videos about it.

Here is a good reference video for you. It’s a racing video presentation but I believe works the same way.

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That’s a great video. Thanx.


Like @MarkRWatney posted… using an Xbox controller while in drone mode will give you cinematic shots.

I use the Xbox controller only for this.

I have also seen videos with P3D where the camera was controlled in the same way. In many cases twitch streamers.

Your best bet is to contact the author. At the bottom of the info for the video it says:

Editing software:
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects

I’m using opentrack free + DIY headtracker to movements inside cockpit, it also works outside the aircraft. (TrackIR is the other option but with the cost)