How to control the throttle in the Top Gun challenges

I spend all my time in the PMDG 737 where everything is working just fine but recently, I had a friend over who wanted to try the Top Gun carrier landing challenge. However, we quickly learned it was a bit too much of a challenge since we couldn’t figure out how to control the throttle.

I have the Honeycomb Bravo TQ and no matter how we tried to assign different throttle axes to one of the throttle levers of the Bravo TQ, it just wouldn’t work. Looking at the throttle handle in the aircraft, it wouldn’t move.

Anyone had the same issue?

I did a quick search and found out how people said you need to assign the afterburner somehow but how exactly is that accomplished and do you need that just to control the throttle to try the aircraft carrier landing challenge?

Make sure you have the IAS button turned off on the autopilot panel of your Bravo, it shares a SimVar with the Auto Throttle Controller on the Asobo F/A-18E. And in Powered Approach Mode they default airspeed in ATC mode to like 120KIAS instead of custom logic to automatically adjust to on speed AoA.

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Thanks, will check that next time :+1: