How to deactivate default Navdata?

Hello Guys,

im using Navigraph, and see alot of double (and inacurate Airspaces caused by Asobo nadata) in the Garmin GTN/GNS Gauges.
When I switch of Navigraph the doubles are gone, but a lot of Airspaces, frequencies etc. are not up to date.
Is there a way to completely turn off the Asobo stock Navdata?

Did you use the Navigraph Hub (formerly known as Navdata center) to update the games AIRAC cycle? This will also update the databases for 3rd party aircraft as well (in case you are encountering this issue on payware planes)


Yes I do… but its not deactivating the default entirely, isn’t it?
I still see some double Airspaces in GNS 530 / GTN750, when I turn off Navigraph MSFS basic Navdata, its gone…

Can you give an example airport, and show in the map screen the duplicate, so we can replicate please?

Is it only airspaces you are seeing duplicates of?

yes, airspaces
for example German Airspace C around EDLE and Control zone D of EDDL nearby.

but there are also double B airspaces at SFO and LAX and many more.