How to delete alpha/beta version?

I think the removal of the remaining alpha/beta files is important and we need some official advise for removal.

I would really hate to delete some of the “released” version by mistake and have to spend another 17 hours downloading them.

Since they are two completely separate applications, you can just uninstall the alpha/beta using the default windows method. In addition you might want to delete your repository directory manually.

you mean, unistall the Alpha/beta Version?

Just follow the step by step instructions that are still in the archived Alpha Forum.

But in General: Alpha and Release dont shre same Location on in C:/user/appdata/local/package/ Folder.
So you can delete the Alpha without any Impact on the release Version.
But first step is to uninstall Alpha from Windows APP like any other Software.
Again not conflicting with release, so safe to do.

Thanks for the reply. I uninstalled the alpha installation using the windows 10 uninstall. The size was less than 900 MB. When I deleted the “package” files as shown on the original install location is was 94 GB.

I seem to remember about 3 versions ago the download size being in the 120 GB range. This makes me suspicious that there are still some very large files buried deep in the dark corners of my hard drive.


Over versions, the download size was decreased. 94 GB sounds about right :slight_smile:

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Excellent. Thanks so very much. I probably have is all deleted now.