How to delete waypoints in A320neo FMC flightplan?

Imported a SimBrief plan and loaded into the MCDU/FMC easily. However, after I selected an ILS runway, it automatically created a bunch of waypoint that simbrief didn’t use. I had to bypass them via the DIR page, but how do I delete waypoints in the a320 FMC?
Thanks in advance

Don’t think you can, at least I haven’t found a way to do it. If you can I would appreciate a heads up:). Regards.

I’m not an Airbus expert, still learning to fly it. But from the experience I do have, pressing “Clr” then the tab left of the waypoint on the F-PLN page should do the trick.

Yup, that is the normal way to do it, but tried that - didn’t work. Regards.

This works for me unless you have an approach preloaded then it does not work

I guess you could manually add waypoints according to the simbrief plan instead of importing it… you should be able to edit your flightplan even if it’s imported, though.

That would probably be my problem then as I load my Simbrief plan incl SID and Star. Guess I will have to manually input if I want clr to work.

The ironic thing is, the only way you’d even need to use clr while manually inputting is if you put in a waypoint by accident. Since you’re manually inputting, you control what waypoints you put in the flightplan in the first place :joy: