How To Determine Winds Aloft Direction

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I am struggling to read the wind direction when say looking at Skyvector. I understand the barbs for speeds, and the direction from top and bottom of the symbol.

Where i struggle is actually figure out the direction (degrees) just from looking at it.

Any tips / tricks / suggestions?

Thanks in advance!



Take a look at this….
Information about wind barbs.


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Yes I was able to figure out the direction (meaning which way it’s blowing in terms of looking at the graphic). And I know the wind speed based on the barbs.

What I wasn’t sure of is if it would say somewhere on the charts, the actual (precise) heading. But looks like it’s more of an approximation based on the angle rather than an exact science.

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I’m glad you made this topic as I’m just learning how to view the winds aloft myself. But I see if you set a departure and destination in the SkyVector flight plan, set the altitude and time of flight, you can then select the Nav Log and see the route wind direction and speed at the selected altitude.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for the tip!

Yes, I saw this as well, I was more curious when just looking at the maps, if there was a way to tell other then just best approximation but I think I found what I was looking for.

Thanks everyone!


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