How to disable Marketplace Offers in World Map?

Hello Captains,

how can I disable the MS Marketplace offers while in world map view?
I don’t need commercial break, while selecting my airports.

Thanks for help!


Per @SeedyL3205 during the beta: Hello everyone,

We’ve been watching the discussion in this thread very closely. We know some of you find the new “Offiers” button on the world map unnecessarily distracting and intrusive while others enjoy this new feature to enable discovery of 3rd Party content in the Marketplace that you may otherwise have been unaware of. We have nothing firm to share at the moment, but I wanted to inform you that the dev team is evaluating different ideas on how best to proceed based on the community’s feedback.

It’s as bad as the Amazon Echo products asking me to try telling Alexa to do this… and do that… and do the other thing… when I just want it to be a Flippin’ Alarm Clock when idle. Ugh.


“…pursuing different ideas…” ??

Here’s one: Toggle off.


Toggle would be good.

So in other words they said "how to best collect increased proceeds regardless of community comments "? It’s a shameful attempt to force people to buy stuff they don’t need or even wanted and will probably not work or cause compatibility issues. Then again, the whole marketplace is a total scam.

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